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Me and Jacques at The Troubadour on 7/24/02.

Photo taken by a very nice guy!

Kelli, Jacques, and me at The Roxy on 3/2/02.

Picture By: Ana Susi

Me and Alex at The Roxy on 1/28/02.

Picture By: Kelli McKnight

The fifth picture Sam and I have taken together. This was on 1/2/02 @ The Members Only Show.

Picture by Shayna Peveler

Darren playing his guitar RIGHT in front of me at The Troubadour on 10/20.

Picture By: A very nice mystery person!

Kelli, Alex, and me after the show @ The Troubadour on 10/20/01.

Picture By: Kelli McKnight

Look at this! This was the 3rd pic I have taken with Sam and this one sucks too! We took this @ The Troubadour on 10/20/01.

Picture By: Kelli McKnight

This was taken the first time I met Alex at The Troubadour on7/26/01. As you can see I was just a little excited. HeeHeeHee.

Picture By: Kelli McKnight

Me and Jason after the Troubador show. That is Jason's drumstick that Sam gave me.

Picture By: Kelli McKnight

Darren and me after the Troubadour show.

Picture By: Kelli McKnight

Me and Sam after the Troubadour show. I look SO stupid in this picture! I don't know what happened there!

Picture By: Kelli McKnight

Sam & me @ Universal City Walk on 8/30/01. I can't believe how his picture turned out. Now Sam looks really bad!

new20grb.jpg-me jacques kelli1
Picture By: A very nice mystery person!

We talked to Jacques after the show inside The Troubadour and then we realized that we should've taken a picture with him. We didn't know where he was and then when we were leaving we found him outside of The Troubador. A very nice person that Jacques was talking to took this picture and the next picture for us.

new21grb.jpg-me jacques kelli2
Picture By: A very nice mystery person!

The second picture of me, Jacques, and Kelli that the very nice person took. Thank you where ever you are!


Our Story as of 9/8/01

We fell in love with Phantom Planet on May 26,2001 at the Save Ferris concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim. We came to see Save Ferris with 2 other friends, and left wanting more Phantom Planet. We had no clue who Phantom Planet was, but as soon as they started playing (OK so it was really about 10 seconds into their set) Kelli and I (Ashley) were hooked. How could we have never known about them before this? They were good looking, (especially Alex), and their music was ....I don't know what it was but I can tell you that from that moment on PP became our favorite band and we couldn't stop singing "California." Later on when I got home I found out that I had heard of them. Actually, they were all over my room! Jason talked about PP in an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog I had just gotten, Alex was that guy I loved in The Gap commercials, they were in magazines I had read almost 3 years ago! I couldn't believe it! They were around me all this time and I just fell in love with them now?!

After that, Kelli and I searched for their next show date which was 6/15/2001 at the Roxy and were planning to go with more friends, but when they couldn't go we went anyway. Hey, it's Phantom Planet! I wasn't going to miss them! That night we were 3 rows away from the stage (the closest we had ever been to the stage at a concert) and had SO much fun! We never thought that we would ever get to meet any of the guys because we were used to big bands like No Doubt that are almost impossible to meet, but we talked to Alex after the show and we saw Sam a lot after the show. Alex was SO nice to us!

After that show we decided that we would go to every PP show that we possibly can go to together and that is exactly what we have done. It's the beginning of September at this very moment and we have seen PP six times, including that first time with Save Ferris. I think that my favorite show was at The Trobadour on 7/26/2001 because we were in the first row (I was sitting on the edge of the stage for a while), we are now part of a PP recording, we talked to all of the guys that night, AND Sam gave both me and Kelli one of Jason's drumsticks! Jacques is SO nice!

There is a lot more I could tell you but I think I'll leave that for the appropriate sections, when I make them in the future. Until then I hope PP has a teriffic time touring and I really hope that Alex doesn't miss LA too much.

Our Story Right before The Members Only Show

The show at The Troubadour on 10/20/01 was amazing. That was our 7th PP show and we are going to see them on 11/14/01 too! One of the best parts of that show was seeing Alex in Pavillions before the show! Yes, we are the 2 girls Alex mentioned in the Tour Diaries! And Suzanne put 3 of my pics in the Tour Diaries under 10/20! That show was amazing! Kelli and I took 7 rolls of film!

We went to the HOB show on 11/14! Wow! Another wonderful show AND Sam kept our 3 horrible pics we have taken together. He wanted them! Yeah!

The 12/19 show was SO much fun! I had SO much fun, that I wrote my longest show review for that show. You can read it under Show Reviews! I got Kelli's x-mas present that night (a PP shirt signed by Sam, Alex, and Darren) and she loved it! How could you not love a present like that?

The 24th was also a very good day because I finally sent my money in for my ticket to the members only show. This is the show that I have been looking forward to the most since I joined the fan club and it will be my 10th show! WooHoo!

My Story as of 2/7/02 (Ashley's Story)
The winter edition of Band In The USA came on 1/26/02 and I'm in it 3 times! First is the good picture of me and Sam from the MOS show, 2nd is the group picture I took with about 8 other phans that I have talked to on the message board at the MOS show, and lastly, is a quote by me about the MOS raffle. I went to my 11th Phantom Planet show on 1/28/02 at The Roxy. I met a few people up there and talked to Alex, Sam, and Jacques. They are all such nice people. I love that! This page has also had over 1800 visitors if you haven't noticed. Wow! That's SO cool! Also, if you are ever at the Phantom Planet Message Borad you'll see that I am a newly appointed moderator for the board. I'm over there A LOT! I'll be seeing PP very soon again. I can't wait!
Ashley's Story as of 3/8/02
Can you believe that The Guest has now been out for over a week? I saw PP at Aron's Records on 2/26/02 with my dad. I got to hear "Happy Ending" for the first time. Another great PP show. Ahh. I love every PP song! I got all the guys to sign my copy of The Guest too. I can't stop listening to the bonus cd. Do The Panic! I saw PP at The Roxy 3/2 as well. Kelli came to this one. Wow. That was her first PP show since the MOS show! I think the show at The Roxy was PP's best performance I have ever been too! Alex even said that we were the best audience ever and he really sounded like he meant it. They get better with every show they do! Have you been to the PPF message board lately? There are 747 registered members at the moment! I started posting there on November 4, 2002 and there were between 200 and 300 users. A few months later and look at the numbers! It's amazing. 
Ashley's Story as of  9/2/02:
Hi there. Wow has a lot changed in the Phantom Planet world since I last updated this little area. I went to my 14th PP show on 7-24-02 at The troubadour! Wow! that was their first show in LA in 5 months! It ROCKED more than anyone could everimkagine.  I also took 2 friends with me and Kelli that had NEVER seen PP live before. They were really impressed by their live performance and ewant to se them again! I got to talk to Jacques, but sadly, they are growing in popularity, so it's getting harder to talk to them. By this I just mean that there are more people around them that also want to talk to them.
Onto an update with other PP things. There are over 1000 fan club members now! I can't believe it! That's double the number from when I joined (I'm #0501) and at this very moment there are 1852 people registered at the message boards! The guys finished up a string of shows across Europe, Indonesia, Australia, and Japan not long ago, and now they are starting their own headlining tour with OK GO and Superdrag opening for them across the northern east coast! I can't believe everything that's happening! It's amazing.
I must say though that PP has THE BEST fans ever!!!!!
Ashley's Story as of 11/8/02:
Well, Kelli, my bestest PP bud, is now way across the US going to school in New York. Hopefuuly though, we will be going to the members only show when she comes back for winter break.
Have you seen the PPF message board latey? There are 2128 members! That's grea saying last year at this time the board was only about 300 people.
Now, I'm just waiting for PP to play another LA show and record the next record. Oh the anticipation! Achk, but I'm still not used to only seeing PP once every few months. This time last year I was seeing them at least once every month. A lot of times, I was seeing them at least twice a month. Ahh how I yearn for another PP LA show. I will be sooo excited when I hear about the next one!

Thanks for taking the time to read about Me, Kelli, and PP!

Shows I Have Been To...

The House of Blues in Anaheim
Opening for The Nuckle Brothers and Save Ferris

The Roxy
The Other Half and Rilo Kiley opened for PP

The House of Blues in Anaheim
Opening for Something Corporate

The Troubadour
Live EP Recording

The House of Blues in Anaheim
Opening for Matthew Sweet

Universal City Walk

The Troubadour
Opening for American Hi-Fi
First real tour

HOB in Hollywood
Opened for Flickerstick

HOB in Hollywood
Opened for Pete Yorn

Club Sixteen Fifty
3rd Members Only Show

The Roxy
The Skirts and Rilo Kiley opened for PP
Aron's Records
Parking Lot performance & instore signing
The Roxy
Silver Crush and The Start opened for PP
The Troubadour
The Like opened for PP
The El Rey
Played after winner was selected for Coca Cola New Music Award
The Roxy
The El Rey

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