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7.31.03 News


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PP's new album, titled Forever, is scheduled to come out January 4, 2004. The first single will be "Big Brat, which hits radio stations on October 21. The album was originally scheduled to come out in October and the single was going to come out August 4, but obviously, plans have now changed.

On Wednesday July 16, 2003, nine 30 second sound clips of Ps new album were leaked onto Kazaa. You can hear them all here without the minute or so of silence at the end of each clip. Thats how I heard about half the songs because I dont use Kazaa. The songs may be the completed versions or for all we know they could even be unfinished versions, maybe even demos. No one is 100% sure, but these are supposedly what songs are going to be on the new album. That could very well change within the next month or so. Keep reading for more info on that.

The songs that were leaked are: The Happy Ending. First Things First, Stiffs, By The Bed, After Hours, Just A Scratch, Jabberjaw, Know It All, and Youre Not Welcome Here. Badd Business and Big Brat were mislabeled on Kazaa, so they are repeats of the other songs.

Thanks stardestoyer from the PPF MB for the link to these songs.

PP will definitely be touring to a city near you before the end of this year, probably this fall. They had not initially planned to do this even though people said they would, but now it is official that they will. The shows are currently being booked and according to PPf, " as all confirmed dates will be up on the tour dates page just as soon as they are locked down." But for all of the Jason fans out there, so don't get too excited because he will be missing the tour as well as PP's next show on August 24th at the Sunset Junction Street Fair.

Suzanne also mentioned that PP will be going back into the studio to record 3 new songs with Dave Fridmann. These songs may end up on the new album and they may not, so the album is not necessarily done yet like most of us thought.

There was also talk going around that there would be a Polaroid II and there would be sight of a MOS  (members only show) coming up, but sadly Suzanne has announced that any plans for either of those have been cancelled because Jason is not available and "it made sense to not do this special show without him." They have been postponed to an undetermined date.

On a brighter note for everyone in the Los Angeles area, as I already briefly mentioned, PP is playing at the Sunset Junction Street Fair on August 24th. Rilo Kiley, The Dandy Warhols, and others. You can go here to find out all of the performance times and the exact location of the event, which is all ages with a $7 donation.

PP's "California" has also currently been featured on the commercial for FOX's new series called OC, which premieres next week on August 5th at 9pm/8c.

From July 19 - July 22, Darren from PP posted on the PPF MB 4 times. You can read his 4 posts here.

PP is in the August 1, 2003 (#721) issue of Entertainment Weekly with Kate Bosworth on the cover, which is on new stands now. PP is included in the "One Week In Hollywood July 11-18, 2003" article. On the opening page, there is a small picture of Sam and Alex holding up the Big Brat single. Also, on Wednesday July 16, 2003 page, there is a small box titled "Image Is Everything" that talks about the album art for PPs new album and has a very small picture of Alex and Sam at a table with a year book. The theme for PPs new album is a yearbook and if you are a member of the PPF fan club, I heard you can send in yearbook photos for the artwork, but youll have to check out PPF if you want more info on that.

There is also a picture of Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, and Nicolas Cage at Niebaum-Coppola in the August 2003 edition of the magazine Los Angeles which is in stores now. Here is the small tidbit that was written about this picture in the magazine: The whole Coppola family gathered for a glass of the new Niebaum-Coppola syrah in the deco Oviatt building penthouse. Franciss sister, Talia Shire, brought son Jason Schwartzman, while nephew Nicolas Cage brought bodyguard. K.M.

You can view the PP pictures/ article in Entertainment Weekly and Los Angeles here along with the Los Angeles Times newspaper article that featured what a typical weekend is like for Alex.

Lastly, I finally finished my review for the last PP show that was on 6-30-03 and you can read that at the bottom of this page.