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Phantom Planet Lyrics
10. After Hours


1. The Happy Ending
2. Badd Business
3. Big Brat
4. 1st Things 1st
5. Making A Killing
6. You're Not Welcome Here
7. By The Bed
8. Knowitall
9. Jabberjaw
10. After Hours
11. The Meantime


Phantom Planet

10. Afterhours
Watching everybody leaving
I tell myself looks can be deceiving
Oh I'm hoping that I'm not dead right
There's afterhours after life
And I'm not prepared to die in style tonight
Tried to follow you out but I did not know who you were
Leading on
And you might think people don't live through being dead wrong
I guess that your parents must have raised
Themseles a strictly pious daughter
'Cause you move through this crowd just like parting water
Oh you dress so nice
You dress to kill
They drop like flies
But who's the funeral for?