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Phantom Planet Lyrics
11. The Meantime


1. The Happy Ending
2. Badd Business
3. Big Brat
4. 1st Things 1st
5. Making A Killing
6. You're Not Welcome Here
7. By The Bed
8. Knowitall
9. Jabberjaw
10. After Hours
11. The Meantime


Phantom Planet

11. The Meantime
Hold on Hold out
Your day's full
That's fine
I don't mind the meantime
You've got your things to do,
Places you have to go,
So and so...
I don't mind the meantime
If I could count
Fom then 'til now
I'd count too high
I can't help but think about the meantime
Saving time
Spending it poorly
I've been pretty foolish in the meantime
If what comes next is
So damn precious,
Why should I mind
What you're doing meanwhile?
Lately I've been
Lost in thought
Around the clock
Hands are flying and
I can tell you're running out of meantime
Now I know it's over too quick
Got my finger on
Where it's all gone
Con't look back 'cause I won't be there
I don't have any more to spare
It's all mine!