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The Guest - Lyrics
8. Hey Now Girl


1. California
2. Always On My Mind
3. Lonely Day
4. One Ray Of Sunlight
5. Anthem
6. In Our Darkest Hour
7. Turn, Smile, Shift, Repeat
8. Hey Now Girl
9. Nobody's Fault
10. All Over Again
11. Wishing Well
12. Something Is Wrong


The Guest

8. Hey Now Girl
Well let me tell you
I have seen a monster age of 17
Who will let you in to kick you out
And knows what love is all about

Well, hey now girl
I see walkin by
A long ago you used to stop and talk
Now you just wink your eye
And I'm surprised
You look all grown up
A champagne glass next to a paper cup
I've stopped here just to say
Hey now girl

Her tongue is black, haven't you heard
Her mutter those three dirty words
For all those foolish boys to hear
Like a siren bringin ships so near

Well, hey now girl
I see you walkin by
And I remember how you used to smile
And how hard you used to try
It's in your eyes
And I'm in a trance
A winter chill next to a spring romance
I'll stop to just to say it
Hey now girl
Well hey now girl

Well, hey now girl
Well, hey now girl
Who let you out into this world
Hey now girl