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Is Missing lyrics
11. Sleep Machine


1. I Was Better Off
2. So I Fall Again
3. Recently Distressed
4. Can't Take It
5. The Local Black and Red
6. Don't Get Down
7. Dying of Silence
8. Down in a Second
9. Lisa (Does It Hurt You?)
10. Rest Easy
11. Sleep Machine


Is Missing

11. Sleep Machine

Some things melt away. As night dissolves today.
And some things only stay. The silent
darkness slowly kills me.


I turn to you, and stir your blank expression.

Your the one for me. Help me get to sleep
(nighty night good night)
But something isn't right. It seems that everynight
I need you

More and more, you take me away.
More and more, I need you to stay.
More and more, distract me from the instant loss
More and more, I need you tonight.

Come lets go for a while and pretend,
your mine for a while. Come lets go.

More and more...