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Is Missing lyrics
8. Down in a Second


1. I Was Better Off
2. So I Fall Again
3. Recently Distressed
4. Can't Take It
5. The Local Black and Red
6. Don't Get Down
7. Dying of Silence
8. Down in a Second
9. Lisa (Does It Hurt You?)
10. Rest Easy
11. Sleep Machine


Is Missing

8. Down In A Second

Can I find a place of solace to unscale?
Should I take a social climb? Should I fail?
Have we gathered here to buzz or just to roach?
Have I brought another problem to approach?

If you want to leave me
If you just throw me away
I'll be down in a second

How come now it seems that you no longer care?
How can I live a life that seems no longer fair?
Have we noticed yet that this is not a game?
Have I brought a fast way to a claim to fame?