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Phantom Planet Lyrics
3. Big Brat


1. The Happy Ending
2. Badd Business
3. Big Brat
4. 1st Things 1st
5. Making A Killing
6. You're Not Welcome Here
7. By The Bed
8. Knowitall
9. Jabberjaw
10. After Hours
11. The Meantime


Phantom Planet

3. Big Brat
It was all his fault. Introduced me to Knowitall
And the Cannibals
Now, by the time they started showing up
I ran the risk of blowing up
These times these times get tough
So if I stay we're gonna see who's had enough
Said by the time I needed backing up
Yeah he was watching cracking up
This time this time it's tough
Well here I am and now I think I've had enough
AHHHH stand back!
Take that and that and that
You're always up to no good/ Yeah you're always up to no good
Oh I was trapped in from all sides
Caught in a slew of (NASTY) lies
No there is no escape
Only flailing arms and bellyaches
Said when it all started coming down tonight
Boy did you run and hide
but I guess that we all make mistakes I guess I forgave you didn't I?
AHHHH stand back!
You're such a big brat
Always up to no good/ Yeah you're always up to no good
3rd verse same as first