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* = The show was on PPF's Gigography but I did not originally have it on my list of tour dates.
* =The show was on my original list of tour dates but not on PPF's Gigography.

3/5/95__Hollywood, CA__The Dragonfly__21+__First Show
4/17/?95__West Hollywood, CA__The Whisky__8:15pm
5/5/95__West Hollywood, CA__The Whisky__8pm
5/28/95__West Hollywood, CA__The Dragonfly__9:30pm__21+*
7/1/95__West Hollywood. CA__The Roxy__8pm
2/3/96__West Hollywood, CA__The Whisky
3/28/97__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__Kara's Flowers, BlueRapCity, Teen Heroes, and Circe's Smile opened
5/16/97__West Hollywood, CA__The Whisky*
6/28/97__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour*
8/9/97__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy*
9/11/97__Los Angeles, CA__The Palace__opened for Save Ferris and Let's Go Bowling
9/20/97__Pacific Palisades, CA*
10/18/97__Los Angeles, CA__Alligator lounge__with Ozma, Waffle?, Next Door, Gyromyte*
5/8/98__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__with Kara's Flowers, Ozma, and Gyromyte*
6/28/98__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour__$6 w/ flyer, 8pm*
7/16/98__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__Benefit Show with The Killingtons, Nerf Herder, Teen Heroes, Ozma, Gyromyte, Velcro*
8/9/98__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__$7 w/ flyer, on at 10:10pm*
9/3/98__The Cafe Bleu__10:30pm
9/20/98__Los Angeles, CA__Mayan Theatre__Charity Benefit with John Taylor and more
10/21/98__San Francisco, CA__Bottom of the Hill*
10/22/98__San Francisco, CA__San Francisco State University__Free outdoor day show
10/30?/98__Modesto, CA__Modesto Centre Plaza__B93.1's Extreme Halloween__Opened for BERLIN__18+*
Thanks Amber from the PPF MB for this info.
10/98__Acoustic preformance for Geffen and UMVD employees*
11/12/98__Long Beach, CA__CSU Long Beach__Free outdoor day show*
11/21/98__San Jose, CA__Cactus Club__Supporting Flogging Molly, The Demonics*
11/27/98__San Francisco, CA__Slim's__Supporting Dance Hall Crashers
12/4/98__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__The Welcome Back Jason Show__$7 w/ flyer__9pm
12/5/98__Anaheim, CA__Virgin Megastore__Free instore appearance and signing*
12/5/98__Bakersfield, CA__Opened for Third Eye Blind*
12/9/98__Groton, CT__WQGN Radio Show*
12/11 or 12/98__New York, NY*
12/14/98__Portland, ME__WJBQ Radio Show*
12/15/98__Portsmouth, NJ__WERZ Radio Show*
12/16/98__Atlantic City, NJ__WAYV Radio Show*
12/17/98__Concord, NH__WJYY X-Mas Show*
12/18/98__Omaha, NE__KQKQ Radio Show*
12/26/98__West Hollywood, CA__The Whisky__$8 w/ flyer__9:15pm
12/30/98__Pomona, CA__Glass House*
1/14/99__Los Angeles, CA__UCLA__Free outdoor day show*
2/13/99__Orange County, CA__Chain Reaction__with Filomore, Smile
2/19/99__West Hollywood, CA__The Whisky__Polar Bear opened__$8 w/ flyer__8:45pm
3/10/99__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour__with Kara's Flowers and Dishwalla
3/20/99__Pomona, CA__The Council__with Sirex Six!, Teen Heroes, The Lassie Foundation, and The Hi-Fis
4/17/99__Irvine, CA__University of California Irvine*
4/25/99__Fullerton, CA__The Hub__Earthday show with Teen Heroes, My Superhero*
4/28/99__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour
5/14/99__Modesto, CA__Modesto Center Plaza__was opened by The Dave Mazzi Allstars and Caustic__FREE__sponsered by B93.1 and Brenden Theatres
Thanks Amber from the PPF MB for this info.
--Free outdoor night show. Madverb possible openers instead of The Dave Mazzi Allstars
5/28/99__Beverly Hills, CA__KBEV Studios__Alternative Creation TV Appearance*

6/19/99__Pomona, CA__The Glass House__with Kara's Flowers, Teen Heroes, The Siren Six!, Silent Gray
7/8/99__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__$8 w/ flyer__10pm
7/27/99__Los Angeles, CA__The El Rey__International Pop Overthrow Fest with Kara's Flowers and more
7/31/99__Detroit, MI__DTE energy Music Theatre__with Kate Fenner, Chris Brown, and The Tragically Hip
8/12/99__Los Angeles, CA__Club Pop
9/21/99__West Holywood, CA__The Dragonfly__21+
10/99__West Hollywood, CA__The Dragonfly__21+*
10/15/99__Berekeley, CA__UC Berkeley__Sproul Plaza
10/15/99__San Francisco, CA__Slim's__with Sloan
10/16/99__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour__with Sloan
12/2/99__Los Angeles, CA__Club Pop*
12/4/99__Pomona, CA__The Glass House__with Jejune, Tom Racer, Cio Cio San
12/6/99__West Hollywood, CA__The Viper Room*
12/10/99__Bakersfield, CA__The Gate__Squatcho opened*
12/17/99__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour__with Ed Rooney
The 1st Annual Phantom Planet Members Only Show with an after party at The Stinking Rose
1/19/00__San Jaun Capistrano, CA__The Coach House__Supoorting Guster with Kepano Green 
Thanks Jessica (fineonmyown) from the PPF MB for this info.
2/2/00__West Hollywood, CA__Thw Whisky__Poptopia Fest with The Mr. T Experience and more
2/11/00__Irvine, CA__Irvine Spectrum__Free show sponsored by Limbo
Thanks Jessica (fineonmyown) from the PPF MB for this info.
2/22/00__Pomona, CA__The Glass House
3/3/00__Universal City, CA__Universal Amphitheatre__with Morrissey
3/5/00__Irvine, CA__UC Irvine Bren Center__with Morrisey
4/1/00__Los Angeles, CA__University of Southern California__Springfest with Sugar Ray, Jurassic 5 and more*
4/22/00__Pomona, CA__The Glass House__with Kara's Flowers, Sirex Six!, and Teen Heroes
5/17/00__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour__Nash Kato opened
6/1/00__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__with The Push Kings, Rilo Kiley, and Fluff
7/4/00__Pomona, CA__The Glass House__Supporting Weezer
7/20/00__Long Beach, CA --Cancelled--*
8/5/00__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy
8/24/00__West Hollywood, CA__The Viper Room__with Palo Alto, Stun--Darren's Birthday
10/16/00__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__with Pete Yorn and Ben Lee
10/19/00__West Hollywood, CA__The Viper Room__with The Romantics
10/28/00__Los Angeles, CA__The Kibitz Room__Suzanne's Birthday
10/29/00__Bakersfield, CA__Jerry's Pizza
11/17/00__Pomona, CA__The Glass House__with Kara's Flowers and Pete Yorn
1/6/01__Los Angeles, CA__Fais Do Do__2nd Annual Members Only Show
2/2/01__Los Angeles, CA__El Rey Theatre__with Rooney, Kara's Flowers, and Fairview
4/21/01__Pomona, CA__The Glass House__with Rilo Kiley, Rooney, and The Push Kings who did an acoustic set
4/25/01__Fullerton, CA__Cal State Fullerton__Show at 12 Noon__outdoor show
5/12/01__San Bernadino, CA__CSU San Bernadino Coussoulis Arena__Opened for Save ferris and Home Grown__Ned from Rooney filled in for Jason
5/20/01__Irvine, CA__UC Irvine/KUCI 88.9 Radio Appearance__10am*
5/23/01__Bakersfield, CA__CSU Bakersfield__with Save Ferris__Free Outdoor Show at 3:30pm
5/26/01__Anaheim, CA__The House of Blues__Opened for The Nuckle Brothers and Save Ferris__Doors at 7:30pm__Tickets $17.50 each
6/9/01__Turlock, CA__CSU Stanislaus__KOSO B-93.1 Summerfest 4__ Outdoor Show__PP at 4pm__over 14 other bands including The old 97's__Tickets $13.50 each
Thanks Amber from the PPF MB for this info.
6/15/01__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy __Rilo Kiley and The Other Half opened
6/26/01__West Hollywood, CA__The Viper Room__Jason's 21st B-day
7/6/01__Tempe, AZ__Nita's Hidaway__First headlining show in AZ
7/7/01__Mesa, AZ__Nile Theatre Basement
7/13/01__Hollywood, CA__The Beauty Bar__Special acoustic set for the Legally Blonde film premiere__Setlist: California, Somebody's Baby, Do The Panic
7/19/01__Anaheim, CA__The House of Blues__Supporting Something Corporate
7/26/01__West Holllywood, CA__The Troubadour__Live EP Recording__Will Hogue and The Crash Poets are the supporting bands__Doors at 8pm__PP at 10pm__Tickets $8
8/9/01__San Francisco, CA__Slim's__Supporting Matthew Sweet
8/10/02__Los Angeles, CA__The El Rey Theatre__Supporting Matthew Sweet
8/11/01__Anaheim, CA__The House of Blues__Opening for Matthew Sweet
8/13/01__Solana Beach, CA__Belly Up Tavern__Supporting Matthew Sweet, Minibar
8/30/01__Universal City, CA__Universal City Walk__Free outdoor night show
9/7/01__Chicago, IL__The Hideout
9/8/01__Chicago, IL__Chicago Superior Studios__Supporting Kill Hannah for the private Kill Hannah Street Team show*
9/13/01__New York City, NY__Irving Plaza__CMJ Music Conference__Supporting Ben Folds*
9/15/01__Red Hook, NY__The front lawn of PP's tour manager__Free outdoor day show*
9/15/01__Rhinecliff, NY__The Rhinecliff Hotel__Benefit show for NYFD
9/16/01__Philadelphia, PA__The Khyber
9/20/01__West Hollywood, CA__The Key Club__Supporting Remy Zero

The DETOUR 2001

On Tour with American Hi-Fi from 9/18/01 - 10/23/01
9/18/01__Washington, D.C.__9:30 Club
9/19/01__Knoxville, TN__Blue Cat's
9/21/01__Nashville, TN__The Slow Bar*
9/23/01__Nashville, TN__328 Performance Hall *?
9/25/01__Chapel Hill, NC__Cat's Cradle
9/26/01__Norfolk, VA__The Norva
9/28/01__Phliadelphia, PA__Trocadero
9/29/01__Pittsburgh, PA__Metropol
9/30/01__Poughkeepsie,NY__The Chance
10/1/01__Northampton, MA__Pearl Street*
10/2/01__Clifton Park, NY__Northern Lights*
10/3/01__Woodstock, NY__WDST radio appearance*
10/4/01__New York, NY__Irving Plaza
10/5/01__Providence, RI__Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
10/6/01__Boston, MA__Paradise Rock Club
10/9/01__East Lansing, MI__Fairchild Theatre *?__Alex's Birthday
10/10/01__Cleveland, OH__Peabody's Down Under
10/11/01__Chicago, IL__Metro
10/12/01__Minneapolis, MN__The Quest
10/13/01__Fargo, ND__Playmakers
10/15/01__Boulder, CO__Fox Theatre or Tulagi?
10/17/01__Phoenix, AZ__Mason Jar
10/19/01__Santa Ana, CA__Galaxy Theatre
10/20/01__West Hollywood, CA__Troubadour
10/21/01__San Francisco, CA__Great American Music Hall
10/23/01__Portland, OR__B Complex
*without American Hi-Fi
10/25/01__San Francisco, CA__The Warfield__Supporting Travis and Remy Zero
10/27/01__Modesto, CA__Modesto Centre Plaza__Modesto Centre Plaza__ B93.1's Extreme Halloween__with DANGER KITTY__18+
Thanks Amber from the PPF MB for this info.

10/31/01__San Francisco, CA__The Warfield Theatre__Supporting Tenacious D


Phantom Planet opened for Flickerstick 11/6/01 - 11/24/01 and opened for Pete Yorn 12/2/01 - 12/19/01.

11/6/01__San Antonio, TX__Sunset Station__According to PPF this show was actually on 11/5/01 and PP also supported Dishwalla
11/7/01__Baton Rouge, LA__Varsity Theatre
11/8/01__Houston, TX__Numbers__According to PPF this show was actually on 11/6/01*
11/9/01__Dallas, TX__Deep Ellum Live
11/10/01__Ft. Worth, TX__Ridglea Theatre
11/12/01__Albuquerque, NM__El Rey
11/13/01__Phoenix, AZ __Nita's Hideaway Outdoors
11/14/01__Los Angeles, CA__House of Blues
11/16/01__Orangevale, CA__The Boardwalk
11/19/01 __San Diego, CA__Cane's
11/21/01__San Francisco, CA__Slims__Interview for the Peepshow recorded at this show__Peepshow aired 12/3/01 at 5:30pm on Ch. 15 for San jose and Campbell residents 
11/23/01__Portland, OR__Roseland Ball Room
11/24/01__Seattle, WA__Showbox or The Breakroom?
11/25/01__Boise, ID__Big Easy*

11/27/01__New York, NY__Mercury Lounge__Epic Records Showcase
11/28/01__New York, NY__Mercury Lounge__21+__Epic Records Showcase 
12/1/01__Buffalo, NY__The Continental

12/2/01__Toronto, Canada__The Opera House__Supporting Pete Yorn, Remy Zero
12/5/01__Chicago, IL__The Metro__Supporting Pete Yorn, Remy Zero__Show filmed for "California" music video*
12/5/01__Chicago, IL__The Hideout**
12/6/01__Minneapolis,MN__The Quest__Supporting Pete Yorn, Remy Zero 
12/8/01__Denver, CO__The Gothic Theater__Supporting Pete Yorn, John Mayer 
12/18/01__Los Angeles, CA__House Of Blues__Supporting Pete Yorn
12/19/01__Los Angeles, CA__House Of Blues__Supporting Pete Yorn

*PP performed promptly @ 6:45pm.
**PP performed around 11pm or 12 and this was only PP. Pete Yorn did not play this show.

1/2/02__Hollywood, California__Club 1650__Fan Club members only__CharlotteTennessee&Z (now called The Like) and Robert from Rooney opened
1/5/02__New York City, NY__Millenium Hotel__Levi's Party__Private
1/8/02__Washington D.C.__Metro Cafe
1/9/02__Washington D.C.__DC101__Radio Appearance Only__9:00am Interview and Performance*
1/11/02__Philadelphia, PA__ Y100__Radio Appearance only__ 9:00am Interview and Acoustic Performance__ Tune in and Listen*

1/11/02__Philadelphia, Pennsylvania__ G-Mart__Free In-Store Appearance__Outdoor Night Show 

1/14/02__New York, NY__WLIR__ On AIR interview & performance, 3-4pm (radio)*
1/15/02__New York City__Bowery Ballroom__ Supporting Remy Zero

1/16/02__New York City__Puma Store__In-Store Appearance__ Private show for store's Grand Opening 

1/24/02__Atlanta, GA__Jason to appear on 99X morning show (radio)*
1/25/02__Chicago, IL__Q101 Morning Show__Jason Only*

1/27/02__Chicago, IL__House of Blues__ Performance & Slackers screening__Private

1/28/02__Chicago, IL__Mancow Morning show, WKQX, Q101, 8:30am (radio)*

1/28/02__Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__ Rilo Kiley and The Skirts (now called The Like) opened for PP

1/29/02__Los Angeles, CA__Slackers premiere*

1/29/02__Los Angeles, CA__KROQ 106.7__The Kevin and Bean Show__ Jason Only*

1/30/02__New York City__ Ed Sullivan Theater__ Late Show Appearance__ Jason Only*

1/31/02__New York City__ Ed Sullivan Theater__ Late Show Appearance__ PP Performance

1/31/02__The Daily Show__Jason TV appearance*

2/4/02__The Last Call__Jason TV appearance*

2/4/02__Loveline__KROQ 1067*
10:00 -11:00pm -Jason Only
11:00 -12:00am -Jason, Alex, and Sam

2/5/02__The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn__Jason Only*

2/6/02__Sacramento, CA__The Zone Warehouse__5 pm__ FREE performance

2/7/02__San Francisco, CA__Popscene__Approx 10pm
2/12/02__SEattle, EA__KMTT (radio__Taped interviwe and acoustics versions of "California" and "All Over Again"__Recorded on or a little before this date__Aired pre-recorded on 2/26/02 @ )__3:15pm
2/26/02__Los Angeles, CA__USC__FREE__12 noon__ Hahn Plaza (in front of Tommy Trojan)__Free outdoor day show and signing 

2/26/02__Hollywood, CA__Aron's Records parking lot performance and signing 
1150 N. Highland-7:30pm__Free
First 50 phans to purchase the album to receive a ticket to see the band play at the Roxy 3/2

2/27/02__Los Angeles, CA__UCLA__12 noon__electric set and signing__Westwood Plaza Stage (by Ackerman Student Union)__Free

2/27/02__Los Angeles, CA__Fingerprints__7pm__acoustic in store set 4612- B East 2nd Street__Free
First 50 phans to purchase the album to receive a ticket to see the band play at the Roxy 3/2

2/28/02__Claremont, CA__Rhino Claremont__5pm acoustic set
235 Yale Ave.__Free
First 50 phans to purchase the album to receive a ticket to see band play at The Glasshouse that evening.

2/28/02__Pomona, California__The Glass House__Maroon 5 is opening for PP

3/2/02__West Hollywood, California__Roxy Theatre__Silver Crush and The Start are opening for PP 

3/5/02__Phoenix, AZ__Arizona State Campus__ Memorial Union__day performance 
FREE Electric set followed by an immediate instore appearance at Hoodlum's, which is located in the ASU Student Unio.

3/6/02__Berkeley, CA__UC Berkeley__12 noon__FREE performance Lower Sproul Plaza__moved to the Tower Records due to rain 

Thanks Amber from the PPF MB for this info.

3/12/02__Boston, MA__Paradise Rock Club

3/12/02__TV Appearance__Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Phantom Planet makes an appearance

3/13/02__Philadelphia, PA__Theatre of the Living Arts*

3/14/02__Washington, D.C.__Black Cat__Jacque's Birthday*
3/18/02__Chicago, IL__The Metro__Opening bands: Sleeping At Last, Monovox
3/19/02__Madison, WI__Luther's Blues 
3/20/02__Milwaukee, WI__Miramar Theatre
3/21/02__Columbia, MI__Mojo's
3/22/02__Minneapolis, MN__Ascot Room or The Quest
3/24/02__Indianapolis, IN__Vogue Theatre---Cancelled---*
3/26/02__New york, NY__Village Underground__with Dopo Yume---Soldout--
3/27/02__New York, NY__CBGB__with Rooney__16+ ---Soldout---
3/29/02__Plainview, NY__The Vanderbilt/ WLIR Radio Fest -Radio Appearance
4/1/02__The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn__TV Appearance
4/2/02__Grand Rapids, MI__Intersection**
4/3/02__Detroit, MI__Magicsticks**
4/5/02__Cleveland, OH__Beachland Ballroom**
4/6/02__Tampa. Fl__WSUN 97X Spring Break Freebie Weebie '02
4/8/02__London, England__Ocean__Supporting Garbage*
4/10/02__London, England__Borderline Club---18+
4/19/02__Oxford, OH__Millet Hall - University of Miami__Supporting: G. Love, Guster, Howie Day^^
4/20/02__Nashville, TN__Rites of spring/ Vanderbilt University--Closed to Public--Free to Vanderbilt students^^
4/21/02__Williamsburg, VA__College of William and Mary^^
4/22/02__St. Bonaventure, NY__St. Bonaventure^^ *
4/24/02__Utica, NY__Stanley Performing Arts Center presented by Hamilton College__Supporting Guster, Howie Day^^
5/02__London, England__Interviewed for Livewire Radio which was broadcast on 2RRR in Sidney__This took place sometime in May 2002
5/2/02__Kings Cross, UK__Water Rats__Supporting The Leaves
5/3/02__London, England__The Astoria__Supporting The Goo Goo Dolls
5/4/02__Camden, England__Barfly__Supporting Bottom
5/7/02__Oslo, Norway__So What Club__Showcase
5/11/02__Vienna, Austria__FM4 Radio Show*
5/13/02__Paris, France__Le Boule Noire__Showcase
5/14/02__Munich, Germany__MTV Appearance*
5/16/02__Amsterdam, Holland__Paradiso__Supporting Five For Fighting
5/17/02__Amsterdam, Holland__Heineken Hall__Supporting Live
5/18/02__Nurnberg, Germany__Rock Im park Festival
5/19/02__Nurburgring, Germany__Rock Am Park Festival
5/21/02__Hamburg, Germany__Logo__Showcase__According to PPF this exact show took place on 5/22/02
5/22/02__Berlin, Germany__Silverwings__Showcase__According to PPF this exact show took place on 5/21/02
5/24/02__Minneapolis, MN__Float-Rite Amphitheater__93 X Fest with*
5/25/02__Milwaukee, WI__Marcus Amphitheater__Lazer Fest with Incubus, Local H and more
5/26/02__Washington, D.C.__RFK Stadium__HSFestival
5/29/02__Rosemont, IL__All State Arena^
5/31/02__Grand Rapids, MI__Van Andel Arena^
6/1/02__Hamilton, ON__Copps Coliseum^
6/3/02__Rochester, NY__Blue Cross Arena^
6/4/02__Cleveland, OH__CSU Convention Center^
6/5/02__Columbus, OH__Nationwide Arena^
6/7/02__Camden, NJ__Tweeter Center__Y-100 Radio FEZtival
6/9/02__San Francisco, CA__Golden State Park__KLLC "See Spot Run"
Radio Benefit__Free outdoor day show
6/11/02__Portland, ME__Cumberland Civic Center^
6/12/02__Albany, NY__Pepsi Arena^
6/13/02__Pittsburgh, PA__Mellon Arena^
6/21/02__New York, NY__Madison Square Garden^
6/23/02__Richmond, VA__Richmond Coliseum^
6/24/02__Raleigh, NC__Entertainment & Sports Arena^
6/25/02__Charlotte, NC__Cricket Arena^
6/27/02__Jacksonville, FL__Jacksonville Vetrans Memorial Coliseum^
6/28/02__Orlando, FL__TD Waterhouse Centre^
6/29/02__Pensacola, FL__Civic Center Arena__Sam's Birthday^
7/1/02__New Orleans, LA__UNO Lakefront Arena^
7/2/02__Austin, TX__Frank Erwin Center
7/3/02__San Antonio, TX__Freeman Coliseum
7/4/02__Dallas, TX__Smirnoff Music Centre
7/13/02__Minneapolis, MN__KTCZ Radio Show*
7/13/02__Minneapolis, MN__The Cabooze__Basilica Block Party*
7/20/02__Chicago, IL__Wicker Park__Sam Adams Street Fest__PP at 7pm
7/24/02__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour__The Like will open for PP
7/29/02__Melbourne, Australia__Evelyn Hotel__(showcase)
7/31/02__Melbourne, Australia__Bar Broadway__(showcase)
8/1/02__Sydney, Australia__TV Appearance: Channel V - Want-U-Want
8/2/02__Auckland, New Zealand__TV Appearance - Space
8/3/02__Auckland, New Zealand__Galatos__(showcase)
8/8/02__Jakarta, Indonesia__Grand Manhattan__MTV Event/ Appearance
MTV Sky on Second Anniversary Show. Tickets available to quiz contest winners.
8/11/02__Tokyo, Japan__MILKFED__Free instore appearance
8/16/02__Cologne, Germany__E-Werk__Popkomm Fest with Bis and more
PP will be appearing at a show with various acts called "Introducing". It's in Cologne,
Germany, the venue is called E-Werk,  Friday, August 16. -Thanks Chris for that info.
8/17/02__Weeze, Germany__Bizarre Fest with Incubus and more__Open Air Festival
8/18/02__Chelmsford, United Kingdom__V2002__NME stage with Longview, Crescent, Seafood, The Donnas, The Coral, Elbow, Idlewild, The Doves, Basement Jaxx
8/24/02__King Of Prussia__Urban Outfitters__autograph signing
*Supporting Remy Zero
**Supporting Guided By Voices
^^Supporting Guster
^Supporting Incubus on The Civic Tour

Phantom Planet's Headlining Northern East Coast Tour:
9/2/02__Chicago, IL__Metro Theatre^__Torbin Floor and Stick Figure opened
9/3/02__Indianapolis, IN__The Vogue^__Stick Figure and OK Go opened
9/4/02__Cleveland, OH__Agora Theatre__Stick Figure opened
9/5/02__Detroit, MI__Magic Stick^__ Stick Figure and OK Go opened
9/7/02__Lewisburg, Pennsylvania__Uptown Nightclub at Bucknell University__ PRIVATE__OK Go opened

9/8/02__New Haven, CT__Toads^^__Stick Figure opened?
9/9/02__Washington, D.C.__Black Cat^^
9/10/02__Philadelphia, PA__Trocadero^^
9/12/02__Providence, RI__The Met^^
9/13/02__Albany, NY__Valentines^^ -- CANCELLED --*
9/14/02__Worchester, MA__Palladium - Festival Show
9/17/02__New York, NY__Irving Plaza - PRIVATE^^
9/18/02__Buffalo, NY__The Continental^^__The Damnwells opened
9/19/02__Brooklyn, NY__Warsaw__with The Damnwells^^
9/20/02__Long Island, NY__Vanderbilt - Radio Festival with Superdrag, Maroon 5, and more
^Opening Bands: OK GO, Superdrag, and Stick Figure
^^ Opening Bands: OK GO and Superdrag
Some of the opening bands on this tour with OKGo could be slightly different from what I have above, but it is pretty much all correct.
Elvis Costello Tour
9/22/02__Seattle, Washington__Paramount Theatre__According to PPF this show took place on 9/23/02*
9/24/02__Portland, OR__Arlene Schitzer Concert Hall*
9/25/02__Eugene, OR__Mcdonald Theater*
9/27/02__San Francisco, CA__The Warfield*
9/28/02__San Francisco, CA__Virgin Megastore 2
            Stockton Union Square @ 1pm --CANCELLED--*
9/28/02__Oakland, CA__Paramount Theater*
9/29/02__Los Angeles, CA__Mayan Theatre*
10/1/02__Long Beach, CA__Long Beach Terrace Theatre*
10/2/02__Phoenix, AZ__Dodge Theatre*
10/3/02__Santa Fe, NM__Paolo Soleri Amphitheater*
10/5/02__Dallas, TX__Bronco Bowl*
10/6/02__Austin, TX__Tower Records 2 _ Guadalupe Street @ 2pm__Free instore performance and signing
10/6/02__Austin, TX__The Backyard*
10/7/02__Houston, TX__Verizon Wireless Theater*
*Opening for Elvis Costello

10/25/02__Bakersfield, CA__The Bayou__Emanhet opened
Kelly Exotic Halloween Ball - KLLY
12/18/02__Burbank, CA__The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Performing their cover of "Winter Wonderland"
12/22/02__ The Viper Room__Los Angeles, CA__The Like opened
1/10/03__The El Rey__Los Angeles, CA__American Music Awards/ Coca-Cola New Music Award Finals (Phantom Planet played after the contest)
1/19/03__Park City, Utah__Chrysler Lounge Party__Sundance Film Festival*
2/7/03__West Hollywood, CA__The Roxy__The Like and Jonny Polonski opened
2/8/03__Los Angeles, CA__The El Rey__Big City Rock and Sign of the Fox opened
4/25/03__Fredonia, NY__BJ's Bar
6/19/03__Los Angeles, CA__Henry Fonda Theatre__LIFEbeat Benefit sponsored by KCRW__The Like, The Special Goodness, Wilshire, Hanson (Acoustic), Bleu, Clalexico, and The Thorns also played*
6/30/03__Los Angeles, CA__Henry Fonda Theatre__Vote Solar (Solar Energy Benefit)__The Like, Phantom Planet, Maroon 5, The Pharcyde featuring members of Phantom Planet and Maroon 5*
8/16/03__Fredonia. NY__BJ's Bar__First show with Jeff Conrad*
8/17/03__Fredonia. NY__BJ's Bar*
8/24/03__Los Angeles, CA__Sunset Junction Street Fair__Bates Stage__with Rilo Kiley, The Dandy Warhols and more__All Ages__PP goes on at 7:15pm__$7 donation*
8/27/03__West Hollywood, CA__The Troubadour__4th Annual Members Only Show__2 one set shows (1 at 6:30pm, 1 at 9pm) both recorded and taped for upcoming DVD*
10/11/03__Seattle, WA__UW North Husky Den
Ben Lee is supporting on all of the following dates 10/22/03 - 11/26/03.
10/22/03__Los Angeles, CA__Roxy Theatre
10/23/03__Los Angeles, CA__Roxy theatre
10/25/03__San Francisco, CA__Bottom of the Hill
10/27/03__Seattle, WA__Graceland
10/28/03__Boise, ID__The Big Easy
10/30/03__Denver, CO__Ogden Theatre*
11/2/03__St. Louis, MO__The Gargoyle
11/3/03__Columbia, MO__Blue Note
11/5/03__Chicago, IL__The Metro
11/6/03__Milwaukee, WI__The Rave
11/7/03__Cleveland, OH__The Grog Shop
11/9/03__Philadelphia, PA__Theatre of the Living Arts
11/11/03__New York City, NY__IMX on Fuse__6-7pm and 11pm__Big Brat performance
11/11/03__New York City, NY__Bowery Ballroom__16+
11/12/03__New York City, NY__Bowery Ballroom__16+
11/14/03__Boston, MA__Axis
11/15/03__Hartford or New Haven, CT__Toad's Place
11/16/03__Providence, RI__Ultra*
11/17/03__Washington D.C.__Black Cat
11/18/03__New York City, NY__Last Call With Carson Daly__TV Performance
11/19/03__Atlanta, GA__Cotton Club
11/21/03__Austin, TX__The Mercury
11/22/03__Dallas, TX__Trees
11/25/03__San Diego, CA__The Scene
11/26/03__Pomona, CA__The Glass House
12/9/03__West Hollywood, CA__Viper Room__21+__Doors 8:30pm__Phantom Planet @ 9pm__Limited number of tickets available to public
12/11/03__Los Angeles, CA__Roxy__KCRW presents an acoustic benefit__Proceeds go to a homeless shelter and a middle school__Phantom Planet with Pete Yorn, The like, Lisa Loeb, Mellowdrone, and more__Phantom Planet played 3 acoustic songs with only Alex and Sam present*
12/18/03__West Hollywood, CA__Roxy__Gimme Shelter Benefit for Striking Supermarket employees__appearing: Tom Morello & Brad Wilk of Audioslave, Serj Tankian of System of a Down, Corey Taylor of Slipknot & Stone Sour, Alex Greenwald & Sam Farrar of Phantom Planet, Lester Chambers of Chambers Brothers, and Boots Riley of The Coup__ Only Alex and Sam played*
12/31/03__San Diego, CA__4th and B__21+__with Guided By Voices*
All shows from 1/6/04 - 1/29/04 are In-Store performances with cd signings after the performance unless otherwise noted.
1/6/04__San Diego, CA__Tower Records*
1/7/04__Long Beach, CA__Fingerprint's__Acoustic set__Alex and Sam only*
1/8/04__Burbank, CA__KROQ 106.7fm__Loveline with Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla__Alex and Sam sit in on the show from 10pm - 12am*
1/9/04__Ontario, CA__Virgin - Ontario__7pm*
1/10/04__West Hollywood, CA__Tower Sunset Los Angeles__2pm__Must buy cd at this store beginning 1/6 to get a wrist band that garuntees you admittance to the show*
1/14/04__San Francisco, CA__Virgin - San Francisco__6pm*
1/16/04__Seattle, WA__Easy Street - Seattle__7pm*
1/17/04__Portland, OR__Music Millennium - Portland__2pm*
1/20/04__Boston, MA__Newbury Comics__6pm*
1/21/04__New York, NY__Virgin Union Square__6pm*
1/22/04__New York City, NY__Late Night with David Letterman__TV Performance*
1/23/04__Philadelphia, PA__Tower Records__6pm*
1/24/04__Washington DC__Olssons Dupont Circle__3pm*
1/26/04__LOs Angeles, CA__The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn__TV Performance*
1/29/04__Tempe, AZ__Hoodlums, on the campus of Arizona State University - ASU Memorial Union__12 noon__outdoor performance outside the union*
2/04__Seattle, WA__KNDD Endsession 87__Recorded a live version of "Big Brat"__Took place sometime before 2/7/04*
2/1/04__Seattle, WA__The Fenix__KNDD Show*
2/7/04__Salem, VA__Roanoke College__Alumni Gym*
2/11/04__Burbank, CA__The Tonight Show with Jay Leno__TV Performance*

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