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As you all probably already know, PP's self titled album came out Jan. 6, 2004. This is their 3rd full length album not including Polaroid which is a collection of b-sides. PP also re-released The Guest with 4 added songs on it, released a Live at the Troubadour bootleg cd, and they released a DVD to go along with the bootleg cd. I'll have all of this plus more in Discography when I get a chance. Oh and PPF is also releasing Negatives, a second b-sides cd, in March.
PP is going on a headlining tour in March and April. Then in May they are playing Coachella in California and in June they are playing at least 4 dates supporting Blink 182 and No Doubt.
There are some good pictures of PP floating around right now. They just put up some new ones on PPF here in the picture gallery. There are also some photos from the Big Brat video shoot in the PPF gallery. There are some good pictures of the guys here for MSN. If you're a PPF member you can watch 3 videos for PP's artist of the month spot at MSN. They're pretty funny ones too. There are also some good pictures here at Pervert Photo. This site is an off shoot of the JBFC or at least it was created by the same people who created the JBFC and I guess Jacques is part of it. I'm not sure. I just know they have some PP pictures there that you won't see anywhere else.
That's all for the moment because I have to go but I'll keep updating like his whenever I get a chance. Oh and don't think I forgot to make Jeff's page. I just haven't had time to work on it yet. It'll be done soon.
Thanks PPF for the PPF pictures and tour info.
Thanks rasuerte from the PPF MB for the MSN link.
Thanks Sheryl from the PPF MB for the Pervert Photo link.
I finished the Lyrics section, the Tour - Past Dates section, and the Links section. Now all of the lyrics for Phantom Planet are up and each cd has it's own individual page for lyrics. It's a little nicer looking than it was. The links section is not very different. I just added fan club links. I also updated Tour - New Dates with the new headlining dates and No Doubt/ Blink 182 dates. A better update with news I think is important will come later today.
Right now I am working on lyrics and past tour dates. Those pages will be done this week.
Here are the pictures from PP's parking lot performance at Tower on Sunset in LA.
Well, the site may still look pretty much the same but I am making changes. I was in North Carolina for a few weeks so that slowed me down with the pictures a little but I have new pictures from PP's Tower on Sunset performance from 1-10-04. I have some fun videos actually with sound this time but I won't be putting those up here because there is just not enough space in my account. On the plane flight out of LA I worked on all the new lyrics, so those will be up soon too. Also, I decided not to post PP news and my long show reviews anymore. I just don't have the time during school to keep it up to date. I will, however, continue to post tour dates, my pictures, any huge PP news that may come out, lyrics, and partial set lists I remember from the shows I go to. Pretty much, I'm still continuing all of the fun stuff! Now...I'm off to work on getting those pictures up here.
The majority of the layout now looks the way I want it too. I just need to redo a few picture pages and the lyrics pages. With my time the next few weeks I'll be adding more links, more titles, and just tweaking little things here and there you may never notice. Keep an eye out for a huge news update that will catch this site up on news from August. Also, today I'm going to see PP at the Tower on Sunset, so hopefully I will have pictures from that. Oh and I will make a page for Jeff too. To keep you occupied for the time being, I added my pictures from The Roxy on 10/23/03 and Fingerprints on 1/7/04. Go here to check them out!
Hmmm so much to do! HeHeHe
Don't mind the mess. I'm just redoing the side bar and title but I'm taking my time and trying new things, so the pages may all look a little different today. They'll be finished tonight.


Darren, Jacques, Alex
The Troubadour - 7/26/01.


Saturday February 21, 2004
Worcester, MA
Clark University
Atwood Hall


Saturday February 7, 2004
Salem, VA
Roanoke College
Alumin Gym


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