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Below is an archive of all Phantom Planet news I collected from 9/8/01 - 8/24/03.

Ahh this is horrible. I have been so busy with school that I haven't had time to update in almost 2 months! Well, here's a quick update about me.
I saw PP at The Roxy last night, I'm going to see them at The Roxy tonight, and i'm going to see them in San Francisco on Saturday night. I will have all 3 reviews up by November 1st. Also, last night I wasn't allowed to take my camera in, so I'll try again tonight and hopefully I will have some new pictures up here by November 1st too.
I hope those of you that get to see PP on this tour have an awesome time! I know I am.
The review is up!
I just finished writing my review for the MOS, so I will post it here later today when I have more time. Write now I need to go get some sleep before I fall asleep on my keyboard. HeHe
Happy Birthday Darren!
 Well, I was supposed to be putting pictures up here right now of PP at the Sunset Junction Street Fair, but sadly that will not be happening. I was all set to go and then about half way up there we remembered that e left the directions at home. We remembered some of the directions, but not all of them, so we ended up getting lost and finally around 7:45pm we ate dinner at Mels by The Roxy. I will be going to Wednesdays MOS though, so I will have a full review of that later. But no photos. Cameras are not allowed in because they are taping the show for the DVD.

There have been a few changes made to how this years MOS will be held. This year, on August 27th, there will be 2 MOS shows at the same venue in West Hollywood. PPF members were allowed to buy up to 6 tickets for anyone and last week, the show was overbooked. So, Suzanne decided to have everyone that already bought tickets go to the first MOS which will be from 6:30pm 9:00pm. Then all of those people will be cleared out and the second MOS will run from approximately 9:30pm 12:00am. Any PPF member is now allowed to buy tickets for the second show as well, but if you want to go to both shows, you must buy tickets for both shows. I am going to the first show, but I am skipping the second one.

In the August 22-28, 2003 edition of LA Weekly, there was a short article about the Sunset Junction Street Fair that mentioned PP. I will scan this and put it up later this week.

PP played 2 shows in Fredonia last weekend which were Jeff Conrads first 2 official shows with PP. Yes, if you havent heard Jeff Conrad, previously of Big City Rock, is PPs new drummer, at least through the end of the year. But I think he is actually now the permanent drummer since he officially left Big City Rock. Go here to read what Jeff wrote as his final good bye with BCR. Go here to see a few pictures from the Fredonia shows by Claire from the PPF MB and go here to see pictures from the shows taken by RhiannonLennon of the PPF MB. Those 2 shows in Fredonia wrapped the latest recording session for PP in Fredonia. While there, PP recorded 3 brand new songs with Jeff Conrad. I will put up the names of these songs when I add the scan from LA Weekly.

There are also 2 new video downloads available at PPF. One is Turn, Smile, Shift, Repeat directed by French Matthew Frost and the second, which is only available to members of PPF, is Something Is Wrong directed by French Matthew Frost. Also, on PPF, the band member pages have been updated and there is news that PP will be featured in an upcoming issue of Nylon Magazine and Sam recently completed producing the debut album for country singer Roger Alan Wade, also known as Jonny Knoxvilles cousin. Thanks PPF for this info.

Alex and Darren both posted about Jason's departure from Phantom Planet at PPF. Here is what they said.
     As many of you have discovered, Jason has left the band to pursue his acting career. I am sure many of you are confused, and some of you may even be angry or upset. I was also sad when Jason brought up the idea of leaving. 
     In fact it caused me a lot of stress, seeing as we weren't even half finished with the record. Over the days we talked, he explained to me his reasons, and helped me understand where he was coming from. Maybe it will also help anyone who reads this.
     First off, Jason and I have been in a band and making music together for over ten years. We were kids during most of those years. Now, he has made a rational decision as an adult. Drumming in the band isn't satisfying his creative needs. This has caused the poor kid tremendous anxiety and sadness. I think it started to become evident during the last six months of touring. Sadly, being home again and working hard on the new material (as fulfilling and exciting as it was to all of us) didn't keep his evil spirits from haunting him. He was offered a movie with a script written specifically with him in mind, and has been his ticket for escaping the doldrums of despair. The prospect of acting has made Jason happy. Music isn't making Jason happy. It's as simple as that. He explained his case. He made a good one. That was that. We are still best friends. We still love and respect each other. The band will miss him. I wish him nothing but the best.
     Phantom Planet has shifted shape. We finished the record as a quartet, and had an awesome time doing it. It's our best one yet. We have just started rehearsing with one of my favorite drummers of all time - Jeff Conrad - and are perfecting a live show that will change history forever. Long live the spirit of Rock n'Roll.

I love you always,


Alex put it very well about Jason leaving. I can't say much more, except this: Here's the deal. I love all you guys. All our fans. You guys are our army and we fucking love you! Yes, Jason is gone. He will be missed greatly by all of us. I will never forget how amazing his energy was or how great of a drummer he was. Jeff Conrad, who we are now playing with, is a ridiculously talented drummer and our live show is still going to be full fucking force! And if you were here simply because Jason was your favorite actor, then please do all the real fans all a favor, and fuck off! We don't want fans who don't truly appreciate our music. End of story. *Tear* *Shrugs* *Farts* Get the hell over it! We're going to blow away anyone who comes to see us live in our upcoming shows! Our real fans know it and so do we. We're more confident than ever and ready to kick more ass than ever before! Our first single, by the way, "Big Brat", was recorded with Sam on the drums, JB on bass, Alex and I on guitar, and every fucking one of us on vocals. And guess what? It's the best work we've done to date. Go figure!



Before I get to the big news, here is some news I found out yesterday while listening to a Ben Lee performance:
Jason played "Chills" with Ben Lee, which he also helped write and will be on Ben's new album which comes out Tuesday August 5th., on Sunday July 30, 2003 at the Sunset House Of Blues in Los Angeles. I was at this show, but I didn't see Jason because I got there about half way through Ben's set. Also, Ben was staying with Jason in LA last week while Ben was playing shows in the area.
Also, go here to read Darren's last and final post on the PPF MB (his 5th post in all).
Now, the biggest news this site has ever seen.
This was posted on PPF yesterday. I feel it's self explanatory...


Dear Friends,
I'm writing to say that I've officially left Phantom Planet. I love the guys more than anything and I've had some of the most amazing memories with them, but it's just not right for me to be in the band anymore. It's time for me to pursue other things. I want to thank each and every one of you for your love, support, and devotion through the years. You've made so much possible and it's meant a lot to me. See you soon, hopefully at the next Phantom Planet show.
Jason Schwartzman

 So here I am. Yes, I am alive. I think I was just hibernating. So, here we go. The biggest single update this site has ever seen. Since the update is so long, I gave it its own page.

Ok. So the  review of PP's lastest show is about 3/4 of the way done. I've been lazy and haven't written anymore of it since Thursday. But I'll get my butt in gear and finish it either today or tomorrow.
Until then, there is a nice Alex article for you to read in the June 26th edition of Calendar in the Los Angeles Times. The "My Favorite Weekend" story features Alex and what he enjoys doing on the weekend. You can go here to read the article online or you can email me for a scan of the original article that was in the newspaper. (Thanks Diane for the online link to the article.) The only real difference between the 2 is that the newspaper version included a small picture of Alex at Real Food Daily.
And my sincere apologies to Jason. I never posted about his birthday which was on June 26th. So...
Happy Belated Birthday Jason!
Part 3 of the 6/30/03 show pictures is now up! I'm currently working on the show review as you read this message.
Happy Belated Birthday Sam!
Sam turned 25 on Sunday the 29th.
I went to the show last night at the Henry Fonda Theatre and I have pictures! The first 32 are here on Page 1and Page 2.I will post up here as soon as I have the other page of 16 finished. I'll write a review of the show later tonight.

Property of QueenOCansNJars from the PPF MB.

If you are a PPF member you can now d/l the demo version of "Do The Panic" at PPF. I heard the d/l is not working for some people, but I saved it to my desktop and it's working fine for me.
The next show is just a few days away. I can't wait!

It was an extremely last minute decision yesterday, but I went to the PP show at the Henry Fonda Theatre. I put up my review of their performance in Show Reviews. But I have some bad news. I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures to go along with the review. To make it up to you though, I will definitely have pictures, hopefully lots of pictures, from PP's next show at the Henry Fonda Theatre on 6/30. I already bought my tickets, so that should definitely be fun.
If you want any more details on what the guys looked like or what they are wearing, or you would like a link to other peoples pictures, feel free to email me anytime. Yes, I will respond this time.
Also, in the FAQs part of PPF there is some new information about PP's upcoming album.
The album is scheduled to hit stores in October 2003 and the first single "Big Brat" is scheduled to hit radios in August.
Thanks PPF for this info.
Hi everyone. Here is all the current news I have at the moment, plus a little old news I forgot to add last time. Enjoy!
There are 2 new LA tour dates for the month of June and both are at the Henry Fonda Theatre!
The first one is on 6/19 and is the LIFEbeat Benefit sponsored by KCRW. Some of the artists also performing at this show are: The Like, The Special Goodness, Calexico, Wilshire, Bleu, and Hanson (acoustic). Tickets are $35 - $75, but you must keep in mind this is a benefit show.
Phantom Planet will also have a guest drummer at this show because Jason is currently filming for another movie.
Go here to buy tickets and for more information on the show.
The second show is on 6/30 with Maroon 5 and The Like opening. Tickets for that show are $16 and are still available for sale.
Go here to buy tickets and for more information on the 6/30 show.
At the beginning on May, Microsoft came out with a new advertisement for their Windows Tablet PC Edition, in magazines like Rolling Stone, that features pieces of Dave Fridmann's Windows Journal. One of the pictures in the ad is a small section of notes on Phantom Planet Strings.
Thanks Phantom Planet Family for this info
Darren is also selling 2 of his electric guitars on ebay.
One is a Fender Telecaster '69 Reissue which was Darren's main live show guitar for quite awhile and is the same one he used when Phantom Planet filmed an episode of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" on November 3, 1998.
You can view this auction here.
The second guitar Darren is selling is a '57 Reissue Fender Strat, which was used to record Is Missing, PP's first album.
You can view the auction for this guitar here.
Thanks tisha from the PPF MB for this info.
There is also a new call in . This one is actually good because it is mainly just Alex and Darren rapping. Definitely a fun one to listen to.
Thanks for this info.
Yes, I know it has been a long time since my last update, but there just has not been any PP news to report on.

But I have some now.

I got my Petra Hayden Benefit Vinyl in the mail today. The 7" is a 2 record set that includes 1 7" with Phantom Planet "Always On My Mind" London Edit on Side A and Ben Kweller "It's not Fair" Previously Unreleased on Side B. The second 7" includes Weezer "Why Bother" Live In Atlanta, 2002-07-29 on Side A and Am Radio "Becoming You" Previously Unreleased on Side B. Inside the main sleeve for the 2 records is the song listing with a small picture of each band on one side and the history of how this compilation came to be on the other side.

I also got Band In The USA Issue #17 in the same package my 7" came in. These are always a nice treat especially since I'm starting finals next week.

According to this issue, PP should be done recording in NY any day now if they aren't already and then the new album will have been completely recorded in five non consecutive weeks which consisted of three trips to Tarbox Road Studios in upstate NY.

Jason is currently filming a new movie with Saturn Films as well. He actually ended up finishing up his drums early and went to work on the movie while the rest of the guys finished up the album.

Also, awhile back, for a few hours one night, PPF members had the chance to send in a question to PPF for Alex to answer. A page of these questions and answers are in Band In The USA and here is mine:

With every song you have written over the years, is there one that really means more than any others to you? Is there one song you will look back on later on in life and just smile because of everything that song means to you? If so, what song and why?

-Ashley #0501  California


Each song serves as a marker in a timeline of my life. I had a lot of emotional trouble in college (as I'm positive many people do) so I associate the songs I had written during that time with a certain important nostalgia. I guess I have always had an attachment to every song I've ever written in this way, now that I mention it. So, it doesn't necessarily have to apply exclusively to my college years. Each one is a little discovery of the realizations to come.

Lastly, here is a random list of some new songs PP has worked on while recording that they have not played live in LA:

From This Day On

Life On Top

Youre Not Welcome Here
Oh and by the way, check out Bandnotes for a call in I never updated on. It's about a month old, but still fun to listen to if you haven't yet.
By request, I am updating this lovely news page. HeeHee.
PP played 2 new songs at BJ's Bar on 4/25/03. One was thought to be called "Laugh Out Loud" but it is actually called "Life On Top". Also, the second new song is called "You're Not Welcome Here" but that is only a working title.
Thanks stardestroyer from the PPF MB for that info.
I also changed these new song titles in the Show Reviews section.
I have also heard rumors of a free PP show at Davis on June 4th.
I'll tell more as soon as I confirm the truth behind this, shall we sat wonderful, rumor.
Thanks to Sarah there is now a review of PP's performance at BJ's Bar on 4/25/03 in Fredonia and there are also 6 pictures of Sarah with the guys at the show as well!
Thanks Sarah! It looks like you had a ton of fun!
 PP played a live show last night in Fredonia, New York at BJs Bar with some other bands. According to Suzanne, the guys would be playing a few new songs, some of which that have never been preformed live before. Also, PP is now way done recording their 3rd album.
Thanks Suzanne at PPF for this info.
Also, here is what Stardestroyer has to say about the new songs that PP has recorded:

when they were "auditioning" producers, they recorded "the happy ending" and "first things first" with stephen street. they also recorded "by the bed," "it's all the same to me (the orange couch song)," and "stiffs" with dave fridmann.

other new songs they've played live include "badd business," "just a scratch," and "jabberjaw." two songs they're working on that they haven't played live are "after hours" and "from this day on."
Thanks Stardestroyer from the PPF MB for this info.

All I can confirm of this myself is that they did definitely record By The Bed, All The Same To me, and Stiffs.

Why has there been a lack of updates lately? There has been a lack of updates because there just is not many eventful things going on with PP at the moment.
On 4/15, PP went back to New York to officially start recording there 3rd cd.
Good luck PP!
The Seeting Star (this site) hit the 10,000 visitor mark last week! thank you to everyone who has ever come to this site and those of you that frequent it. If you ever have any cool ideas or questions, feel free to pass them my way anytime.
That reminds me. I was looking at my contact page and somewhere along the line i deleted the part that said "Hi, I'm Ashley."
For those of you that do not know, my name is Ashley.
I ordered the Petra Hayden Benefit Vinyl last week. It should come in the mail sometime next month and I will let you all know the good details about it.
Well, that is it for the moment. HaHa This whole post was actually pretty pointless. I just wanted to let everyone know, I'm not slacking. I am still here; alive and kicking.
Hi everyone. Sorry about the lack of updates lately. As you can see, I have been quite busy redesigning this site. I thought it was time for a change and I hope you like it as much as I do! I'd love to hear what you think of it!
If you are wondering what PP has been up to lately, this is the place to come. PP has recorded 3 new songs for their upcoming cd and are heading back into the studio next week to record more. The cd is tentatively set to come out next fall. But that is TENTATIVE. No one knows anything for sure yet and won't for quite awhile.
Now as for the other PP news:
There is a picture of PP on BBC Radio that you can see here.
Thanks Lucifer from the PPF MB for that info.
PP is in the current Issue of Interview Magazine (the one with Jack Nicholson on the cover). On the last page there is a section about the Sundance Film Festival and they it mentiones who saw PP and shows a surprised picture of Alex.
Thanks Seleena from the PPF MB for this info.
Jason is in the May 2003 issue of Jane Magazine with Beck and Heather Graham on the cover. One part is an interview and there is also a mugshot picture of him holding a sign that say something like "jason schwartzman: impersonating an officer" and he's wearing a rooney pin. You can view the picture at the end of this post.
Thanks TheMeanMean and Brit from the PPF MB for this info.
Thanks QueenOCansNJars for this picture.
There are 2 pictures of Jason, one also includes Alex, at PaperMag online. Go here to view the 2 pictures. 
Thanks MinDanger from the PPF MB for this info.
Jason is in the April issue of SOMA magazine. There is a picture of him on page 28-29.
Thanks northern star from the PPF MB for this info.
Darren had his wisdom teeth pulled recently.
Thanks SAM from the PPF MB for this info.
Phantom Planet is nominated for 3 Californis Music Awards in the following categories:
Outstanding Male Vocalist - Alex Greenwald
Outstanding Single - California
Outstanding Rock/Pop Album - The Guest
There is also new merchandise available for the PPF Fan Club Members including the Petra Hayden Benefit Vinyl!
Thanks PPF for this info.


On Saturday saw Spun-

Spun is an amazing movie. It was VERY graphic at times, but if you can get past that and see the movie for it's artistic value, you will be in heaven. It's the fastest paced movie I've ever seen in my life with something like 5,389 cuts. But that's one thing that makes the movie so good. It's unlike anything else you have ever sat down and watched for that long. I especially loved the perspectives from which the movie was filmed. Very artsy,but it gave the movie the power to make 2 minutes of Ross driving his volvo totally intriguiging cuz you always had something new to look at and that's not usually how you view a car driving down a street in a movie. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more. And as for the acting, great casting. I've heard some negative things about the casting of this movie, but I felt the actors really fit their parts well. And like I told everyone at dinner, during the bus stop scene, I just wanted to run up and give Ross a big hug. In this scene aside from his acting, I had a smile on my face because he was acting so nice and sincere, always at least a tidge bit funny, like he is in real life. Adorable. LoL And for Phantom Planet... LoL there was Phantom Pla graffitti in 2 or 3 spots on the house, and about 3/4 of the way into the movie, Nobody's Fault as playing on Ross' radio in his car. LoL Oh by the way, if you don't know, Ross = Jason. I'm willing to definitely go see this movie again if anyone is up for it. Oh and before the show all the women got free Spun shirts. ooOOoo

Happy Belated Birthday Jacques!
He turned 24 on 3/14.
It was also Max's 15h b-day on 3/12. (Max is Sam's little brother.)
First of all I would like to say that I am very sorry to anyone who emailed me for a copy of "Amy". I've tried many times from 3 different email accounts and I just can't getit out to anyone. Grrr. Makes me me sad i can't share that song. So I'll keep working on it, and if I do find a way to send it to you guys, I'll post up here.
Spun came out in New York theatres last Friday (3/14) and comes out in Los Angeles theatres this Friday (3/21).
Jason was on Last Call with Carson Daly last Thursday (3/13).
At one point, Jason and Carson were doing a checklist of signs the person is a meth addict and when they wre done Jason jokinly said:
"Now I'm thinking a couple of the guys in my band are crystal meth addicts."
It was quite funny. Jason also mentioned that "while the band was in Amsterdam, he went to the Van Gogh Museum and PP "lost" 2 of their members. They haven't been the same since." HeeHee
There is a fairly new Alex call from 3/3 in Bandnotes at
Phantom Planet News:
The Petra Hayden Benefit Record including songs by PP, Weezer, Ben Kweller, and Am Radio is set to come out in May and PPF members will be allowed to pre order it. It is a 2 vinyl set and there are sound clips available on PPF for members. But for some reason, I can't listen to them so I can't tell you how good they sound. HeeHee
There is a new Jason interview at
In this interview Jason says that PP IS recording with Dave Fridman.
Thanks for this info.
You can take the Which Phantom Planet Song Are You? quiz here.
I got "Do The Panic"
Thanks Min Danger from the PPF MB for this link.
Tonight at Archlight Theatres in Hollywood was the Los Angeles Premiere od Spun which Jason was in attentendance at.
Thanks Saint from the PPF MB for that info.
A verrrry long update is coming tomorrow night!
It's 2:15am. Ahh it's close enough to being yesterday. LoL -Cuz I  said I was going to post yesterday.
Jacques posted this on the PPF MB on March 2nd to let everyone know what's going on:
here is the deal.
We are currently in Fredonia, upstate New York, working with David fridman - Flaming Lips, mercury rev - and its going great.

We've already done two songs with Steven Street - the smiths, blur - and that was fun as well.

We go back home on teusday.
I assume we'll have a few meetings soon after where we'll discuss the plan for our next record.

hope thats helpful
He also posted this to clear up any rumors about PP and Hanson:
Sam did play on a song on hanson's record and we to this day we remain friends. But thats about it. We never officially worked with them nor have we ever played with them. We just hung out a couple of times and developed friendships. I hope the record has been set straight and people can stop bickering about us and hanson.

In other news, Jason was on Conan O'Brian (I'm not sure how to spell his name) on Thursday March 6th.
According to the conversation Jason had with Conan, he and Selma Blair are no longer together.
Jason also taped The Last Call with Carson Daly in New York on Tuesday March 4th. That episode will air March 13th.
Thanks SHOPGIRL and Kim from the PPF MB for that info.
Here you can view 4 pictures of PP recording in New York.
Thanks magzzz from the PPF MB for that info.
On the PPF MB PreK123 also had this to say about PP in magazines:
Phantom Planet is mentioned 3 times in Teen Vogue. There is a picture of Jason on page 86. He's part of a pop quiz thing. Then Phantom Planet and Rooney are mentioned on page 143. A picture of The Guest is on page 172.
Thanks for the info. I'll post again if I get any info as to what issue this is in.

Update coming tomorrow. Sorry about the wrong date on the last post. I hate my typos.
Yes! I am alive and here to update! I promise I won't wait this long to post again.
Well, PP is definitely recording now! I'm not sure what producer they finally decided to go with, but they are recording.
The Guest just had it's 1st birthday on Wednesday! Can you believe it has been out for over a year now? It's amazing.
In Nylon Magazine, March 2003, there is a 4 page article (2 pages are full size pictures) on Jason for his new movie Spun which hits theatres March 14th! I bought my copy and Barnes and Noble!
Also, I don't remember if I mentioned awhile back or not. But if you watch ok Go's video for "You're So Damn Hot," you can ses Darren for a second when they are bowling and Sam for a second wearing a black hat towards the end!
Now on to the news from sources besides myself...
PPF updated their splash page with a piece of artwork drawn by Sam and Alex.
You can now buy a poster from that advertises the last show PP played in philadelphia with Ok Go and Superdrag. You can see the poster here.
PP has also contributed "Always On My Mind" London Edit to a 7" vinyl record called A Benefit to Petra Hayden. Weezer, Ben Kweller, and am Radio, also each contributed a song to this 7".
And lastly, the Smallville soundtrack featurng "Lonely day" is out in stores now! It actually came out on 2/23/03.
Thanks PPF for this info.
"Jason's the second guest on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Thursday, March 6th. Probably for Spun." -Diane
Thanks Diane (CatcherKillsMe) from the PPF MB for this info.
You can take a "Which Alex Are You? quiz here and a "which Jacques Are You?" Quiz here.
Thanks QueenOCansNJars from the PPF MB for this info.

I finally put up my review of The Roxy show on 2/7 up in Show Reviews and at PPF, fan clun members can now download a Stacy Jones (of American Hi-Fi) Interview by Jason Schwartzman. I'm currently working on my review of the last El Rey show, so I'll put it up when I'm done.

Happy Valentine's Day!
If you haven't noticed lately, PPF got new Message Boards on Tuesday 2/11. You can still get to them through the link on PPF or you can just use the link here! On the boards I am still registered as stargazer0501, you can PM me, or say hi or anything if you want to.
I heard that PP started recording there latest cd this week and are working with Producer Stephen Street.
Thanks Sheryl from the PPF MB for that info.
Also, I'm pretty sure Stephen Street has previously worked with "The Smiths, Blur, The Cranberries, Catatonia, Sleeper, Shed Seven and many more."
Also, are you a PPF Fan Club Member? Well, if you are, check out Fanfare at PPF for some new cool editions including a new Meet The Crew section with some hilarious quotes anout the guys.
Thanks PPF for the Fanfare info. 
Oh and I keep forgetting to post this, but the last 2 weeks or so, Diane has had two great PP demos, "Amy" and "Fine On My Own" up at her site for download. Those are now no longer for download, but she has two new downloads now, They are the "In Our Darkest Hour" Demo and the live version of "God Only Knows/It's Gonna Be Me (live Beach Boys/N*SYNC cover from the Roxy)." I highly suggest downloading these, and you MUST hear "Amy." I think that is PP's most beautiful song yet. I have it on my computer, so if you can't find it anywhere else, email me.
You can download the songs at Diane's site here.
You can see Jessica's great pictures from the last 2 shows here and you can see Brit's pictures from The El rey show here.
And lastly, I am no longer a moderator at the message boards. With the new boards, PPF decided that they will start with new mods that wil have to apply again. So, I have now gone back to being part of a place I truly love, but wasn't allowed to be part of and be a mod at the same time. Yes, I have returned to the SFC.
Finally! Sorry about the delay for The El Rey pictures. I had them all ready to go and then so many people tried coming to my site my bandwidth went crazy and even blocked me out! The reviews will hopefully be up tomorrow. Maybe Thursday. But here are The El Rey pictures!!
The pics from The Roxy on Friday 2/7/03 are now up in The Roxy - 2/7/03.
I'll put up the rest of the pictures from The El Rey hopefully tomorrow. I will also put up set lists from each show tomorrow and as soon as I can, I will put up reviews from both shows. So keep checking back and enjoy!
Hi everyone. If you haven't noticed yet. I have done some major work in Tour- Past Dates. I added well over 50 past show dates from 2002 all the way back to the creation of PP.
Now I am asking for your help. If you know of any past show dates that I have not listed or you know for sure that any of my dates are wrong, please email me at and I will update this site as well as give you credit where deserved. I am trying to build a list of as many show dates that we can possibly find so someday all PP fans can look back and see how PP has evolved over the years.
Thanks -Ashley
I forgot to mention before that Phantom planet will be on the soundtrack for the WB's Smallville. The soundtrack is set to hit stores Feb. 23rd. You can get more info about the soundtrack here.
Thanks PPF for this info.
The Like is now opening for PP on 2/7 at The Roxy instead of 2/8 at The El Rey.
I also got the Lonely Day Promotional Single that was only given to radio stations across the US today. I put a picture of the cover in Discography.
PP announced a second LA show! It is on Feb. 7th at The Roxy. I got my tix today and there are still plenty left. Sadly though, I heard the El Rey show is sold out. Thankfully I got my tix for that show the day they went on sale.
In other news, at the end of the Maroon 5 show on Sunday night (1/26), all of PP except Jason got up on stage and performed a cover of AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" with the members of Maroon 5. I heard it was great!
Thanks Sam from the PPF MB for that info.
The PP interview that was in Shure Magazine awhile ago is now archived here.
Thanks m2 from the PPF MB for that info.
Sheryl from the PPF MB had this to say: tonight at his (Ben Lee) show at the fez in nyc, ben lee played a song that he ans jason schwartzman co-wrote. a new one. i don't know what it's called, but it was REALLY good."
It was just announced today that The Like will open for PP on Feb. 8th at The El Rey.
On MTV2 this last weekend, Jason was on Chart 2 Chart that was airing from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. In the episode I saw, Jason was asked to describe his new movie, Spun, with a G rating.
In the New York Daily News on 1/22/03, this article mentioning PP was found:
"Babyface And His Baby: It's not all movies in Sundance...there's music, too. Singer, songwriter and producer Kenneth (Babyface) Edmonds and his missus, recording exec Tracey, caught a show by Phantom Planet at the Chrysler Lounge there over the weekend."
Thanks Annie from the PPF MB for this info.
On E! on 1/22, Jason did an Interview with Mena Suvari for Spun (his next movie). He was wearing a suit, a rooney pin, and was hanging off the wall into the crowd.
Thanks m1 from the PPF MB for this info.
Go here to see 2 threads on the MTV Asia Message Boards that are all about Phantom Planet!
Thanks LunarEclipse from the PPF MB for this info.
In response to a question, Damian from OK Go posted this on the OK Go mesage boards:
"Yes, being on tour with Phantom Planet was particularly great, both because they are such a fun show to watch and because they are so temperamentally similar to us. We really got along spectacularly with them."
Thanks michelle (theSecondOne) from the PPF MB for this info.
Phantom Planet played at the 2003 Park City -Chrysler lounge party yesterday in Park City, Utah.This was probably something for the Sundance Film Festival since it is currently going on in Park City right now. Also, this was a failrly big shindig of which Britneyy Spears, Fred Durst, and Rebecca Gayheart attended. Go here to view 2 pictures of PP's performance. Also, go here to view pictures of Alex from the El Rey show on 1/10/03.
Thanks pukkatukka from the PPF MB for this info.
PP was also on VH1 Star Tracks yesterday.
Thanks GoSailorGo from the PPF MB for this info.
You can now check out 2 of my pictures of Darren I took at the El Rey on 1/10 at PPF and the DMRfc!
Oo lot's of good news! First of all... PP is playing their first all ages headlining show in Los Angeles in over 6 months on Feb. 8 at The El Rey. There are still plenty of tickets left so have some fun and buy a few! I bought mine already and I can't wait for show #16!
At BUMrock, The Guest came in at the #2 album of the year in 2002!
The Guest was also the #11 album of 2002 here.
Thanks PPF for that info.
Jason talked about his prom in the current issue of YM Prom. Here is what he had to say:
Jason Schwartzman
Phantom Planet, Windward School, Los Angeles, 1998

"I was the straight-up tuxedo guy in the limo. But my prom was organized like a scavenger hunt-that was different. Our school didn't tell us where it was going to be. We met in the high school parking lot, got a clue, had to figure it out, and then go to another clue. It took an hour to find the place. If you gave up, there was a hot line to tell you where it was. The theme was a kind of pirate ship, but with gambling. It was the weirdest prom ever. I've only been to two, but it was very bizarre. I enjoyed it while I was there, but it wasn't the greatest moment of my life. I just went because I thought you should go."
Thanks Ayan from the PPF MB for this info.
Jason was also spotted on People's Worst Dressed list. He was wearing a gold suit that they said looked like a "hand me down." [Actually I remember seing this suit quite awhile ago, so this may be old news.]
Thanks iAmAztecGold from the PPF MB for this info.
They played "California" and "Lonely Day" on MTV's MADE whewre they made the girl into the cheer leader.
Thanks Liz from the PPF MB for this info.
On 1/13, Marianne from the PPF MB, had this to say about The Guest:
today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel *JUMP* section...where kids write all the articles, they had the best of 2002 list......they had people vote on the top 5 albums...well all i can say is that the kid who wrote the article must have liked pp bc he put them on the ballot i was the 5th choice..........the guest got 1.3% of the vote out of 75 votes....but hey...someone included them on the list...
Thanks Marianne for that info.
"Lonely Day" was played on Dawson's Creek on 1/15.
Thanks Marianne from the PPF MB for this info as well.
The review is up here! It's last on the page in black writing and I decided to use a smaller font than usual becuase of it's length. Enjoy!
I'll be back with more pictures from the show as soon as I talk to my friend and get copies of her pictures! That will hopefully be early this week so keep on checking back!
I've written about half the review and I got the set list awhile ago. So the review is definitely coming today! Hope you like the pictures!
Pictures are here!!
Hey there. Just got home not too long ago from my 15th Phantom Planet show!! I'll have a review up later today and pics are coming as soon as I get them developed. Hopefully that will get done tomorrow so there might be pics up by tomorrow night!
Happy 2003 everyone! I hope you had a great New Years! i know i sure did!
Here you can download an acoustic live performance of California and an audio interview for a Japanese radio station from when PP was in Japan.
Thanks Chris from the PPF MB for this info.
In the issue of YM magazine their is a section called "This Is Your Perfect Guy" where girls were asked what their dream guy would be like. One girl answered with "the outfit he's practically worn out: low-top converse, tight jeans, and a teeny, vintage ms. pac-man t-shirt. very PHANTOM PLANET."
Thanks Sheryl from the PPF MB for this info.
Hop on over to PPF in the Gallery section to see new fan photos.
Go here to see The Guest as one of the critics Top Albums Of 2002 in Rolling Stone.
Thanks PPF for this info.

Are you going to be in the LA area on Jan. 10th? I sure hope you are becuase PP is playing at The El Rey!! Tickets are still on sale here. Also, this is a dffrent type of show. It is the Coca-Cola New Music Award Finals with Phantom Planet. PP will be laying after the other 3 bands that are actually competing. For more info on the awards go here. I've already got my tickets and I will be there so look for new pictures and a review here after the show! Oh and I saw Jason at the Rooney show on 12/27 and heard Sam was there!
Now for other PP news...
Jason interviews American Hi-Fi for about 2 minutes on American Hi-Fi's new promotional single.
Thanks Tisha from the PPF MB for this info.
In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on 12/27 PP was voted as one of Top 10 Concerts of the Year and one of the Top Ten Albums of the Year. They say PP Is Missing is one of the top 10 albums. Could they really mean The Guest?
Thanks gusterplanet from the PPF MB for this info.
There are also some new Around The World Tour Photos at PPF right now. Go check them out here.
Thanks PPF for this info.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!
H&M stores in malls near you are playing PP videos with Alex saying "Hi we're Phantom Planet. We want to wish you a Merry Christmas." Or he could have said Happy Holidays.
Thanks Sheryl from the PPF MB for this info. 
PP is #24 on The Empyrelounge best cd's of the year list. Check it out here.
Thanks dodger34 from the PPF MB for this info.
On John Mayer's web site, he and his crew answered a few questions. PP's The Guest was one Ken Helie's (his Tour Manager?) Top 5 Albums of 2002. Check his list out here under Road Journal.
Thanks gusterplanet from the PPF MB for this info.
I'm back and I finally have time!
There is a 1 page PP article with a picture in the Oct/Nov 2002 issue of Magnet Magazine.
Thanks LoLoRoo from the PPF MB for that info.
Here is a Review by Buddyhead of the x-mas compilation PP is on:
Various Artists
Maybe This Christmas

What on Earth could possibly be worse than having to hear Christmas songs? Nothing you would think, right? WRONG! Ive found the answer Phantom Planet covering Winter Wonderland. Just when you thought they couldnt get any lamer they have exceeded all of our expectations like a god damn steroid shooting Olympic hurdler. I wish these guys would just stick to looking pretty, acting, and throwing rad house parties.
--Travis Keller
Thanks Sam from the PPF MB for this info.
On 12/16 PP's cover of "Winter Wonderland" was on Boston Public.
Thanks popfan11 from the PPF MB for that info.
On 12/20, part of "Hey Now Girl" was played on Regis and Kelly before the commercial break.
Thanks gusterplanet from the PPF MB for that info.
"On the VH1 movie special for two weeks notice, they play california."
Thanks SAM from the PPF MB for that info. 
Jason was supposed to be on The Definitive on MTV2 last Sunday, but he wasn't.
And here... I saved the best for last.
Go here to see the trailer and other info on Jason's new movie Spun which hits theatres in March.
Ok. So I decided to update here instead of working on my next paper right now. Oh trust me you are loved. : )
On 11/26/02 Alex and Darren both made new call-ins to
Thanks LoLoRoo from the PPF MB for this info.
In the January 2003 issue of YM, you can find this tidg bit about PP:
pg. 67, Editor Obsessions
Patty Adams
"Obsession doesn't even begin to describe my strange attachment to Jason. His band, Phantom Planet, is amazing. I saw them in concert four times and and was never disappointed. Jason's an animal on the drums, and it's so cute how he sticks out his tongue and stands up when he plays. I also really like his acting--especially as the sleazy B-movie director in CQ. Come to think of it, Jason's cousin Roman Coppola directed CQ and Phantom Planet's video for "California," so i might have a minor obsession with him, too."
Thanks GoSailorGo for this info.
You can find this info including Jason in the December 2002 issue of Maxim Blender:
i love this cd:
jason schwartzman
star of rushmore, slackers and simone
husker du
zen arcade
Thanks LoLoRoo from the PPF Mb for this info.
"California" was played on Fastlane on 12/4/02.
Thanks mo0ger from the PPF MB for that info.
Here you can check out 3 pictures of Alex on 11/21/02 at the
Phys Sci Event hosted by Target.
Thanks pukkatukka from the PPF MB for this link.
There is a new Scavenger Hunt contest at PPF for all fans -members and non-members. 
PP, well Jason, is nominated for the VH1 Big 2002 Awards in the Gimme That Guitar! Which actor turned rocker was most credible category. Even though we all know Jason was a rocker BEFORE an actor. HeeHee Go and vote here.
Thanks PPF for this info.
BUMRock is taking nominations for the TOP % Albums of the year. You can read mor info on how to nominate PP here.
Thanks PPF for this info.
You can now buy PP temporary tattoos at PPF!
PP's "Hey Now Girl" video will be played Christmas Day on MTV2 Uk as part of "The Bikini Bandits Experience." Go here for more info.
PP will perform their version of "Winter Wonderland" on Jay Leno on 12/18/02!
Thanks PPF for this info.
Ahhh! I have no time!! I'm going crazy!! But thankfully school is just about out and then the ever current Setting Star updates will be daily again like they used to be. For now though check out this awesome accoustic guitar Darren is selling on Ebay. Yes, Darren Robinson from PP is selling a guitar on Ebay and you can bid on it! Check it out here.
Thanks PPF for this info.
Happy December everyone!
PP won the Heinekin Launch EM Or Leave EM Contest!
There is a short Jason arrticle in the December 2002 issue of Maxim Magazine. Here is what it said:
The drummer and sometime actor takes the piss out of his band mates
"We were in Indianapolis in this makeshift dressing room behind the stage, and there were these two brown Tupperware cases full of ice with beer and sodas in them. Then there was another Tupperware bucket right next to it, but it had just melted ice and water in it. We're about to go on, and [lead singer] Alex Greenwald says, 'I have to go to the bathroom.' And I'm like, 'Alex, we don't have time. This is the big league. You gotta be a little bit more responsible here and take care of your business before work time.' But he's like, 'I gotta go.' So he pulls out little Alex and pees right in the bucket that's just ice and water. And we're like, 'Oh, that's nasty,' and he's just laughing and pissing right in the thing. 'Ha, ha, ha,' right? So we go onstage, play the goddamn show, and come backstage before the encore. WE look over at [guitarist] Darren Robinson, and he's got his hands in the bucket. He's like, 'I'm so hot. I feel gross.' He's washing his face in it! And we're like, 'Dude, that's the one he peed in!' He still went out there for the encore, though." --as told to David Peisner
Thanks Anne from the PPF MB for this info.
If you go to the music section on AOL, you can now choose the blinking Phantom planet logos as your buddy icon.
Thanks Sam from the PPF MB for this info.
Chris from the PPF MB had this to say about a PP TV finding in Germany on 11/25/02:
I just caught a short interview (actually it was only one question) with Jason, Alex and Jacques on a German music channel called VIVA. They were asked what their fave movies were atm. Jason - King of Comedy by Martin Scorsese (those Italians sure stick together, eh?); Alex - Annie Hall by Woody Allen (awww, I think I love you, Alex. haha. Woody is my all time favorite movie director never mind he's a dirty ol man); Jacques - all movies made between 1985 and 2002 (huh? You can do better than that Jacques j/k).
Judging by Alex's hair (short), the clip must have been taped when the guys did a couple of shows here in May. (And stupid me missed them because I didn't know them back then. Argh.)
PP is in Issue 33 Nov - Dec. 2002 of Amplifier Magazine with OK Go on the cover. They are on page 28 with a picture of alex. Then there is a picture of PP with OK Go in the middle of the Ok Go article.
Thanks Gen from the PPF MB for this info.
If you can't find the Amplifier Magazine in a store near you, you can go here to view the OK Go article online, but the PP article is not online.
Thanks GoSailorGo from the PPF MB for that info.
I have more info to put up here, but I have to go write a research paper. I'll put up the rest of the info later today.

Here is the link to a pic of Maroon 5 and part of PP!
Thanks pinkowinko from the PPF MB for this info.
On 11/10/02 there was a small mention of PP in AP Magazine:
"Use the phrase 'actor turned singer' around your pals, and watch them cringe as visions of Dogstar, Don Johnson and Eddie Murphy dance through their heads. To be fair, the half-way believable "my so-called band" 30 Seconds To Mars and the Rushmore guy's Phantom Planet are recent evidence of a possible changing of the guard on the thespian-turned musician credibilty front."
Thanks Tara from the PPf MB for this info.
Jason was spotted at the ben lee show/vanessa carlton show on 11/11/01 at the HOB on Sunset by tracy from the PPF MB.
Here you can find a PP article in the University of Western Ontario Gazette written by Jessica.
Thanks jessicaclaire78 from the PPF MB for this info.
The sonic session version of california is on y100's new sonic session cd which is available in the Philadelphia area.
Thanks kate from the PPF MB for this info.
xlonelydayx also had this to say about PP's next possible single:
this may be old news, but the next single is always on my mind,....the way i know this little tidbit is that i searched pp cds on and it had always on my mind as a single, you can get an advanced order and the expected release date of the single is November 19th!
Thanks xlonelydayx from the PPF MB for this info.
Hi everyone. Sorry about not updating sooner. I haven't been feeling too well, but finally I am doing better again.
Over the weekend I did get the new Incubus Morningview DVD, which is a must for any die hard PP fan. The tour section is about 22 minutes long, but the first 5 minutes is jam packed with PP including Jacques interviewing Incubus fans and Jason doing one of his crazy dances back stage! It's hialrious and I loved it!!
I would also like to thank everyone who has been coming to The Seeting Star because this site has now had over 7000 visitors!!! Thanks!!!
There is a picture of Jason with the cast of his next movie "Spun" in the newest issue of In Style with Faith Hill on the cover.
Thanks Pukkatukka from the PPF MB for this info.
Also, 4/5 of PP (not Darren) were all seen by many different people at The Strokes concert on Saturday 11/2/02 at the Greek Theatre!
I finally saw the commercial on MTV2 for MTV's Handpicked 2 cd that is coming out soon and features "Lonely Day"!
PP is mentioned in the November 2002 issue of Interview Magazine. I bought this magazine in a mini mart on Melrose on Thursday night. The article is Jake Gyllenhaal interviewing Selma Blair. His the part in which PP is mentioned:
JG: Seeing as you're in Los Angeles, did you check out your boyfriend Jason's [Schwartzman] band, Phantom Planet, at the Troubadour when they played?
SB: Yeah. They've gotten so good. Actually, you have to see the band that opened up for them. They're called the Like--
JG: I know! The Like is fabulous.
SB: You know them? Wow! I was trying to get into the Troubadour last night to see them again but I couldn't.
JG: I was there last night. It was sold out.
SB: We were having a tough time so I went to dinner with my friends.
If you are like me and could not find Paper Magazine in book stores when Jason was in it, Jessica has scanned the pictures and put them on her site.
Go to
to see those pictures and read the article.
The rerun of PP on Conan OBrien was on 10/23/02 and on 10/24/02 on Comedy Central as well.
Thanks  tara211287 from the PPF Mb for that info.
PP is also in the Oct/Nov 02 No. 56 issue of Magnet Magazine. They are on page 60 in an aticle called "Class of 2002." Here is part of the last paragraph that mentions PP:
"Recording tracks for LP number three probably won't happen until late this year, but future plans assuredly don't include any acting gigs. Which is too bad, as the manic, floppy haired Schwartzman is the natural choice to star in a Keith Moon bioflick. Were ever such a film lensed, Greenwald has a large costarring role in mind: 'Moon's Dealer.'"
Thanks Gen from the PPF MB forthe Magnet magazine info.
PP is on the cover of Shure Magazine, which is a seasonal music magazine. Go to:
to sign up for the free subscription!
Thanks AliciaMW from the PPF MB for this info and Chris from the PPF MB for the link.
PP is also mentioned in a German alternative rock magazine. Here is what Chris has to say about the finding:
"It's a review of this years Eurpean festival summer and there's also one or two pages about the alternative rock fest Bizarre in Germany and they mention Phantom Planet as the darling band of the weekend because they knew how to work the crowd. Plus a smallish not too good picture of Alex onstage (nothing to write home about)." -Chris
Thanks Chris from the PPF MB for this info.
PP was in a college paper in Florida.
Thanks Hippiedude from the PPF MB for this info.
PP's rendition of "Winter Wonderland" will be on the Maybe This Christmas Cd this year. Go to:
to hear "winter Wonderland" and the other songs that will be on the cd.
PP was also in The Daily Athanaeum at West Virginia University on 10/24/02. To read the article, go to:
and scroll down to the bottom of the page. PP is the last article.
Thanks PPF for this info.
Ok, so my computer and Tripod have once again decided to go crazy on me. So i think I'll give them both a rest and try for the third time later tonight. Ahh what a crazy day it has been! But i can make 1 quick update... check PPF becuase there are a lot of updates. There is new news, bios, bio pictures, and more!
Ahhhhhh! I just wrote a HUGE chunk of news up here and then Tripod froze!! Ahhh! I'll rewrite it later tonight.
I don't have much time... so I'll put up the most important news and get the rest to you later today.
On Friday 10/25, yes this Friday, PP is playing the Kelly Exotic Halloween Ball at the bayou on 19th street in Bakersfield, CA. I heard this was 21 and over... sorry. But for those of you that can go... tickets are only $5!
For more info go to
Also, they are recording a song live and doing an interview at the KLLY radio station on Saturday, but you have to win a pass to get in.
Thanks PPF, liarhead, and BluesideGrl from the PP MB for this info.
Hi there. Sorry about not updating sooner, but I was waiting until I had a lot of good news and quality time to tell you that news! Ok, I'll save the best for last.
For starters, there is a full page PP article in the current Australian Rolling Stone Magazine.
Thanks dazednconfused chick from the PPF MB for that info.
Alex and Jason are hosting the MTV2 Handpicked special on MTV2 right now. Possible times that this show will be airing are:
10/15 1:30 pm
10/16 2:30 am
10/17 4:30 pm
10/18 3:30 am
10/17 7:30 am
10/22 12:30 am
10/22 8:00 am
10/24 10:00 am
10/23 2:30 pm
10/27 1:30 pm
Thanks JayZo and Lauren from the PPF MB for this info.
PP is supposed to be in the November issue of Playboy.
Over at PPF, Tour Diaries and the Fanfare section for members have been updated. There is also new leftover merchandise from the tour that is now being sold in the Merchandise area of PPF. There is also going to be a costume party show thing in Bakersfield next Friday 10/25. I'll put more info about this and the date up in the Tour section of this page when I get more info on it.
Thanks PPF for this info.
Now, for the really exciting info!
Hop on over to
Christopher Wray-Mc Cann is an unbelievable photographer who has photographed the PP guys! There isn't a specific section where you can find his PP pics on his site, but when you see them, you'll love them. There are scattered throughout his many sections. Just look through the different areas and you'll come across them. There are I think 4 Sam pictures, some individual headshots of a few of the guys, a couple studio pics, and some live concert pics. If you're a Maroon5 fan, there are pictures of the Maroon5 guys on this site too.
Thanks Seleena for giving me this link.
"Jason's featured in the current issue of The Onion (Volume 38 Issue 37). It's in the AV Club section. The article is called "Is There a God?" and it's a collection of responses from 50 or so artists, musicians, etc., to the title queston of the article.
You can get your very own copy of The Onion (America's Finest News Source!) for free on the streets of NYC."
Thanks Witch from the PPF MB for this info.
I know you can also get The Onion at selected music. book stores in California. Such as a giant Tower Records in Brea and you can also view the article at:
There is a nice sized article on PP and a picture of Jason in Australian Rolling Stone.
Thanks Twig from the PPF MB for that info.
Happy Birthday Alex!
There's a new Tour Diary entry by Sam at PPF!
There was a review of PP's show in the University at Buffalo's newspaper.
Thanks NatalieKat from the PPF MB for that info.
PP was also mentioned in the latest issue of SPIN magazine:
It's Tough Being Handsome, (So We're Told)

"Thanks so much for giving me such an intimate look into the lives of the Phantom Planet Boys (On The Road, August). I'd like to tell them something;Hey guys, you're in a band. You don't have jobs. You hang out with rock stars. You get to meet Al Pacino. Your all mysteriously famous. The hottest women throw themselves at you. Freakin' smile!"

Daniel Williams
Elgin Texas
Thanks Imfreenin4pp from the PPF MB for this info.
"Lonely Day" was also recently playee on Ed.
Thanks Itsnotezbeinggreenwald0 from the PPF MB for this info.
Ahh sorry about that last post and how it got cut off. It's all ther now. Yeah!! Tripod was doing some weird things to me on Saturday. Oh well, thankfully it's back to normal again. I'll update more after school.
Wow, this is the first time since I can remember that I've had to put up something saying "No shows scheduled at this time" in the Tour - New Shows Section. Crazy.
Until then....
there are new Tour Diaries at PPF! 
On 9/24/02 ...
"So this morning, half asleep I was watching commercials on mtv. A commercial came on for mtv2, and how they're taking over mtv for a day and then during this they showed Sam from the Lonely Day video and jb during the guitar slide from the video as well. That caught me by surprise, it's just a clip but like woah at 8 in the morning."
Thanks M1 from the PPf Mb for this info.
PP was played in the background of Dismissed on 9/23/02.
Thanks Liz from the PPF MB for this info.
"Hey Now Girl" was played during a commercial break on Regis and Kelly on 9/25/02.
Thanks Marianne from the PPF MB for this info.
The PP guys minus Jason wre at the Maroon5 show at Slim's on 9/26/02.
Thanks Tisha from the PPF MB for this info.
On 9/28/02...
"as amber & i waited for m5 to take the stage tonight in sac, 'somebodys baby' came on over the loudspeaker. not the phanplan version, but the original. we happily sang along. about 20 minutes later 'recently distressed' came on, and we sang along once again, this time noticing jesse & mickey were singing along as well. too cute. the kicker was hearing 'bust a move' in between the m5 & scapegoat wax set though; complete with the screaming monkey freakout and all..."
Thanks Tisha from the PPF MB for this info.
On MTV's Handpicked Vol. II cd...
"eh just on guster's website....apparently lonely day by pp is gonna be on the handpicked cd, along with songs by guster, the hives, the vines, and ok go.......pretty cool stuff"
Thanks Marianne from the PPF MB for that info.
In the BMG catalogue odering magazine... "there is a small article where jason is asked what are PP's golas and a larger article with more pictures and a larger article, titled FRESH NEW FACES."
Thanks Liz from the PPf MB for this info.
There is a review of the PP/ Elvis Costello show at The Mayan in LA on 9/29/02 at There is also another PP article about the costello tour from 9/23/02 at Launch. Check it out at:
Thanks Chris from the PPF MB for those two links.
"...the pp on jbtv video is available on kazaa.. i think it's only jason and alex though..."
Thanks Elise from the PPF MB for this info.There is also a new PP article at You can read it at:
Thanks Chris from the PPF MB for this info.   
There also also a couple new call ins at you pick up the new Incubus Morning View DVD on Tuesday? well, you better go get it cuz theres a good amount of PP clips from when they were on tour with Incubus!
Wow. I am sooo sorry I haven't updated more this week. College is crazy. Way too much work. But here I am with free time and now the message boards are down! Ahh! They were down yesterday too, so I can't write up all the info right now I wanted to. As soon as they are back up I will post lots of info though. And until then, to hold you over, I do have some PP news!
Want to read another review of The Guest?! Sure you do! Then hop on over to:
Also, go to PPF -the white/orange banner above- for new Tour Diaries with pictures!
Thanks PPF for this info.
The two upcoming acoustic PP performances at Virgin Megastores have been
The instore tomorrow on 9/28 at Virgin Megastore in Sf has been cancelled but the Elvis Costello show is still on!
There is a new phone message at -click on the blue/green banner above.
Also, there are a few short glimpses of Sam and Jacques in an MTV2 commercial. I'll have more details on the commercial and other PP news tomorrow!
Ahh college is killing me with all this homework. Ok, well you guys care about PP not my life so...
There are new Tour Diary updates by Sam, Alex, and Darren at PPF. Click on the orange and white banner above to go see!
Also, while your at PPF, stop by the message boards where I'm a mod.
Go to the section "Phantom Planet" and read the "My Nickname" thread. Daren wrote it and it's all about his nickname people call him... Darren (AKA: The Jackhammer)!
Also, on 9/20, on TRL, a girl named Julia wore a PP shirt in the audience. :) Go PP!
Thanks Kate from the PPF MB for the Julia shirt on TRL news!
Sorry about the late post. I've been really busy with school this week.
But hey I'm here now... with news!
In the newest issue of Seventeen Magazine on page 142 there is a section with 17 questons Jake Gyllenhaal answered. The 10th question was:
10. What's In Your Cd Player now?
Maroon 5,Rilo Kylie and Phantom Planet
Pretty cool. He mentioned PP!
Thanks MELiss from the PPF MB for this info.
"Lonely Day" was played at the end of the premiere of "Mind of a Married Man" on HBO Sunday night.
Thanks chriss02 from the PPF MB for this info.
Ahhh I thought this was already up, but I forgot to publish the page. Sorry about that.
I updated Tour - New Dates. There is a Virgin Megastore appearance in SF on 9/28 and a Tower Records Performance in Austin on 10/6.
There are also 2 new Darren Tour Diaries at
Thanks PPF for this info.
Jason is in this weeks issue of People Magazine as worst dressed in the Best & Worst Dressed section.
Thanks Amber from the PPF MB for that info.
"just saw jason on much news weekly, he was promoting his movie 'Spun' at the Toronto Film Festival they also showed a clip of California. Hanna Sung did a short interview with him, he was wearin the 'classic' checkered shoes. it could be repeatin tomorrow so check the much music web site for times."
Thanks shootingstar114 for from the PPF MB for that info!
The show tonight in Albany at Valentine's and the show tomorrow (9/14/02) at Skate Fest in Worcester, Massachusetts have been cancelled due to Alex's laryngitis.
Go to
for more info.
Thanks PPf for this info.
Yeah! I'm updating!
PP's rendition of Winter Wonderland will be on a Christmas cd later this year. Here is what a BUMrock email had to say:
"New Christmas CD Planned- Artists like Ben Folds, Coldplay, Phantom Planet, Sense Field, Jimmy Eat World, and Barenaked Ladies are among the impressive line-up for a new holiday album coming out in November, with some of the profiit going to Toys for Tots. Rolling Stone has the details."
Thanks Claire from the PPF MB for this info.
There was also a short PP article in  New York Magazine -the latest issue entitled "One Year Later: 9/11/02." The article is on pg. 96 in the Nightlife section and there is also a picture of the guys.
Here's the article:
Planet Rock
Thanks to bands like the Vines and the Hives, rock is having an atavistic moment. But few of the garage-rock heavies take their retro obsessions as seriously as Los Angeles's Phantom Planet (pictured *the picture is the one featured in EW's "Bands to Watch"*), a group that seems intent on resurrecting Brian Wilson-ish naivete with songs like "Anthem" and "One Ray of Sunlight." Their fan base, however, is as arch as they come: The band is trailed by hipsters dying for a glimpse of drummer and Rushmore star Jason Schwartzman (that's him, second from right), and they'll doubtless sell out Phantom Planet's September 19 gig at Warsaw in a heartbeat (see "Small Stages.")
Thanks beautifulblues from the PPF MB for this info.
PP was also on an episode of Rove Live around Sept. 9th.
Thanks RockPrinzesss from the PPF MB for that info.
"Rove Live is an Australian TV show. It's like Conan O'Brien or Jay Leno. PP were on it and played 'California'."
Thanks Daria from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also an article on Jason in the October '02 issue of Paper Magazine. There's pictures of him too!
Thanks Sheryl from the PF MB for that info.
There is also a PP article- Bucks County Courier Times -9/10/02 edition.
You can read this in The Guest -New Album and Video
Thanks GoSailorGo from the PPF MB for this info.

Ok updates are actually coming today cuz I had a TON of home work last night.
Check out the new Tour Diaries at
More updates coming later today.
Happy 1st Birthday! -To this site! Yes, The Setting Star is now 1 yerar old! Thanks to the over 6200 people who have visited in the last year! I hope the next year is just as great!
I added the 40 pictures I took at Universal City Walk on 8-30-01. You can see them at
There is also a fairly new call from Sam up in Bandnotes at Click on the blue/green banner above to go there or just go to
WooHoo! Now that PP is into their headlining tour... the Tour Diaries at PPF are back!
Go to
or click on the orange banner above to read them!
My pictures from last summer will be up this weekend, so keep checking back!
I added the 2 picturtes I have from PP's Anaheim HOB show on 8/11/01/. Yes, some more pictures from last summer. I scanned a lot more, so those will be up before you know it to!
Go to
Anaheim HOB - 8/11/01 to see them!
Go to The Guest -New Album and Video to view a 1/2 page ad in Melbourne's Beat Magazine.
There is also a picture of Jason and his brother Robert in the Australian's women's magazine, New Weekly.
Thanks kissekat from the PPF MB for that picture!
"Reading the Pink section( arts, leisure, etc...) and I found this article about famous sibling rivalry in the SF Chronical.
Coppola scions Jason and Robert (sons of Francis' sister Talia Shire) nurture their rock 'n' roll dreams while acting in movies.
Jason, 22, won a cult following for "Rushmore," but he's happier playing the skins in Phantom Planet. Robert, 19, the geeky heartthrob of "The Princess Diaries," fronts a popular group called Rooney. He's also changed
his last name -- twice -- in the past year, first to Schwartzman-Cage, in homage to cousin Nicolas, and later to Carmine, after grandfather Carmine Coppola.
It's by Carla Meyer"
Thanks Imfreenin4pp from the PPF MB for that info!
The show tonight in Indianapolis is all ages!! WooHoo!
Thanks PPF for that info.
Hi there.
The "Lonely Day" video was on 120 minutes on MTV2 last night.
Thanks m1 from the PPF MB for that info.
PP starts their headlining tour across the northern east coast today!
I updated Discography and
I put up all of my pictures from the 2nd PP show I went to at The Roxy on 6-15-01!
Go to
to check them out.
I added more pictures! Yes, I'm FINALLY starting to scan and upload all of my pictures I taken in the last year and few months. HeHe
Check out pictures from the EP recording show at The Troubadour on 7/26/01 at
Go to
is a link to some pictures of PP in Germany at Bizarre 2002.
Thanks thewordgirl from the PPF MB for that info.
Last weeks Beat Magazine in Melbourne, Australia has a half page ad for "Lonely Day" in it.
Thanks kissekat from the PPF MB for that info.
I finally put up the rest of my pictures I took with my other camera at the 7-24-02 LA show at The Troubadour!
Check them out at
Happy Birthday Darren!
This is a little late, but his b-day was 8/24!
Go to
for pictures of PP in Japan! Go to the section entitled "Special" and enjoy!
Thanks Seleena for that info!
If you're down in San Diego, the independent radio station, 92.1 plays PP!
Thanks keLLy from the PPF MB for that info.
Also, there is not jusyt one PP/ Levi's ad for the VMA's which are tomorrow night on MTV. There are 2!
Simone is now out in movie theatres near you!
Do you live near King Of Prussia? If you do... then head on over the Urban Outfitters in King Of Prussia tomorrow -Sunday August 25th- to see PP at an autograph signing at 1pm!
Thanks PPF for this info.
I also got my PP/ Levis/ Virgin Records poster in the mail last week for making a flyer for the street team! Yeah!
I have also added a new section to Lyrics.
Tony gave ame a list of unreleased PP songs and I need your help. If you have any lyrics or sound clips to any of these songs, please send them to me so I can finish this page. I'll give you full credit as well. We want to keep these songs alive, they deserve they're spot in PP history. :)
Simone comes out in movie theatres near you tomorrow!
Check out to se the trailer and more!
(If you didn't know it already.. Jason is in this movie.)
More updates coming later today!
Go to
to read a funny PP interview from the show at The Troubadour on 7/24/02!
Thanks PPF for that info.
PP is also on a commercial for the VMA's on MTV right now so start watching!
Thanks Seleena for that info.
Urban Outfitters is using the giant PP Levi's ad just like the Levi's stores now too.
Thanks Joy from the PPF MB for that info.
You can also now find the "Lonely Day" video available for download on Kazaa.
"California" was also played on the episode of Road Rules where they are at the Citadel.
Thanks SAM from the PPF MB for that info.
Curious about what PP was up to in Germany? Well, thanks to Chris you can go to
to see a picture of PP in Germany at the Bizarre Festival on 8/16 and there is a sound clip of Alex! You can also go to Show Reviews to see her short review of the show.
Thanks Chris!
Hi there! Yeah LOT'S of updates today!!
The video for "Lonely Day" was on MUCH music all this week on Oven Fresh, then on Friday it was #1 on the Oven Fresh Keepers!
On Thursday, the video for "Lonely Day" was also aired on MTV2 every hour on the hour! I taped it! Yeah! 
PP is also going to be playing 2 PRIVATE shows:
September 7 - Lewisburg, Pennsylvania - Uptown Nightclub
September 17 - New York, New York - Irving Plaza
These are private though, so you can't go.
There are also new t-shirts, wristbands, belt buckles, and more for sale at
There is also a new Jason interview wih PP pictures at
Thanks PPF for that info.
"Lonely Day" is on an x-games sampler cd.
Thanks Farah from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also a small article in Spin -Sept. 2002 The Metal Issue on pg. 33 entitled "Get Nervous" that talks about how PP felt before playing Madison Square Garden.
Thanks Gen from the PPF MB for that info.
"The boys were called Heartthrobs in the NY Times."
Thanks PhantomVent from the PPF MB for that info.
You can see PP's spread in "The Rock Book" at
Thanks chorroguy from the PPF MB for that info.
"Just wanted to let all the Chicagoland people (and northern Indiana people too) that there is a VERY good chance that JBTV will play the "Lonely Day" video tomorrow night. They played it last week, and they love Phantom Planet, so I'm pretty sure it's a safe bet. It's on channel WJYS (check listings- it's NOT just for people who have cable) on Wednesday at 11:00 p.m. (central time)." -Katie from the PPF MB
"In the September issue of 17 mag on the win it page(p.64) you can win a jansport bag and 10 sony cds, well anyway, the pic of the backpack, in the front pocket is a copy of the guest. Just thought I would let everyone know."   -Noodles from the PPF MB
There are pictures of Jason in Simone at
Thanks JatZo from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also an Rooney article that mentions PP at
Thanks Imfrenning4PP from the PPF MB for that info.
So I have been quite busy the last few days.
Yesterday I bought the newest issue on Maxim Blender for the cool 2 page Levis ad spread ad of PP! It's great!
On Friday I saw Weezer at Irvine Meadows! It ROCKED!
Later today I'm gonna put up more info on the Germany show and flyers for PP's upcoming headlining tour in September!!
to download fan made flyers for PP's upcoming headling tour in September. I made one for the show in Albany on 9/13.
There is a PP Levi's ad in this months issue of Maxim and possibly also in Blender and Stuff.
Thanks Farah from the PPF Mb for that info.
Also a few people in the states on the MB saw the video for "Lonely Day" on JBTV yesterday.
Hey everybody in Chicago and who can get to the show at The Metro... I found a contest for you! Here's the link:
I addd new pictures! They are from my first ever PP show way back on 5/26/01. Enjoy!
Hi there. I updated Tour - New Dates tonight, otr should I say this morning. HeeHee. There are 2 new California dates and 1 new Texas date with Elvis Costello.
The video for "Lonely Day" can be seen on tv in Australia right now.
Thanks dazedconfused chick from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also a PP Levi's ad in the 'Seattle Weekly" Newspaper that says
Thanks Mo0ger from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also a section on where you can ask ND questions and Tom will answer them. This was one question that Tom answered not to long ago.
from James 7/25/2002
Hey No Doubt! (Hey Tom!) I listened to The Faint, and I think they are really amazing, so I was wondering if you could recommend any other bands that you like and think we might too! Thanks.

Try the Distillers and Garbage and Phantom Planet. I like all of those very much.
- Tom Dumont
Thanks the spazz from the PPF MB for that info.
Also, Gen from the PPF MB found this short bit in this moths YM that LIZ who is AaronWho on the PPF MB wrote. 
"I just wanted to say how awesome it was that you guys put Alex Greenwald in your magazine (Aww Yeah!, July). He is such a babe magnet. I saw his band in concert and they were so worth paying the money to see! I have seen him breakdancing--he is amazing at it. I hope to see more Alex in the future and less of Enrique (that mole is getting bigger and bigger in every picture that I see of him)."--Liz Knezovich, 14, Utica, NY

---taken from ym, September 2002
Actually, the news is coming later today. New tour dates will be here! yeah! I need to get some sleep first so I don't fall asleep typing them out.
I updated the tour section yestreday, but I forgot to post it here.
Go to
for new international dates and at
I rearranged the dates, so they all go from the farthest away to most recent.
Go to
to read a new Australian article om PP.
There is new  merchandise at PPF and new info for the fan club members!
Thanks PPF for this info!
More news coming tomorrow!
WooHoo! New East Coast tour dates coming later today!
PP played in Australia on Monday and they play again today! I'll have details on those for you later today too!
I finally got some of my videos up! Check the Videos page for more details.
I updated Tour - New Dates  and I added more details to the review of the 7/24/02 show in Show Reviews
Jason on "Cribs"will repeat July 31
Thanks JayZo from the PPF MB for this info.
Go to
and do a search for PP to see thumbnail pictures of the new video for "Lonely Day."
Thanks iloverockstars from the PPF MB for that info.
Akstrgzr from the PPF MB heard "Lonely Day" on 94.3 (an Orange County radio station) on 7/27/01.
I'm working on trying to get those videos up.
New Tour Dates coming later today.
All of my pictures that I have right now are up in Pictures. When i get my film developed I will add 17 new pictures from Wednesday. There are about 30 up right now. I also added the set list to the show review from 7/24/02 in Show Reviews. I'll be adding more details to that today. I'm also working on getting some PP videos up that I took myself. Look for those very soon.
Hi everyone! I have a review and pictures! Go to Pictures for my 1st 13 pictures from the PP show on 7/24/02 at The Troubadour. Also, go to
Show Reviews and scroll to the red entry at the bottom of the page for a review of the awesome show! I have more pictures coming today!
Well, as you can see I made the links for this page above a little less cluttered. All the pictures are now in Pictures. All of the band member biographies and the band history is in The Band, and Tour -New Dates and Tour -Past Dates are now both in Tour. I've got pictures from my first ever PP show to put up soon and I'll update here with news later on today when I have more computer time.
Go to
Go to Floor 14 and watch the cartoon/videos. Jason does the voice of Julius the monkey. They are adorable!
Thanks PPF for that info.
Yeah! The Setting Star reached the 5000 visitor mark today!! Thanks to everyone that stops by! You're awesome!
There is a new show in  Tour - New Dates. It's on 7/20 in Chicago.
I also forgot to mention the other day that Jacques is on the cover of and PP is in the Libro Journal(Austria) May 2002.
Thanks Michelle#2 from the PPF MB for that info.
Also, Amber from the PPF MB heard "lonely Day" on the radio in NorCal today. The station was B93.1
Thanks Amber from the PPF MB for that info.
I was searching around the internet and I found 2 PP interviews you might like to read.
You can read one from Campus Circle at
And you can read another from Take Out Music at
Hi there! I know I haven't updated in awhile but I'm here with lot's of good PP news!!
There is a good interview with Sam at
Thanks PPF for that info.
Aaron Who from the PPF MB fornd the single for "Lonely Day" up for bid at
I went to South Coast Plaza today and saw the giant PP poster in the windows oh The origianal Levi's Store. Ah it's awesome to see a band you love SO much in a window where everybody can walk buy and see them.
I also picked up the current issue of Guitar World Acoustic No. 53 which has a full page article on PP that includes a picture! If you are wondering, Sheryl Crow is on the cover of this magazine.
I also woke up early this morning at bought tickets to see PP at The Troubadour on 7/24! -The concert is now sold out! Can you believe it! A PP show sold out in less than 3 hours! 
Hi there! I bought the August '02 issue of Spin Magazine over the weekend and it's great! 4 pages of crazy pictures and short little stories from the road. It's a must for all big PP fans!
"Lonely day' is on the cd, Now that's What I call Music #10. You may know this cd better as NOW 10!
There are pictures from the "California" video shoot up in Photos -Gallery on PPF.
Also, if you are a fan club member, check Fanfare for some awesome treats!
Thanks PPF for this info.
United Airlines plays "California" on their flights from France to the Us.
Thanks Waren32 from the PPF MB for that info.
PP is on life sized posters in the Levi's Store windows at the Copley Place Mall. In the picture, Alex is wearing glases, but Jacques isn't.
Thanks Sam from the PPF MB for that info.
Go to
for a short blurb on PP, a picture, and what type of Levi's the guys are wearing in the picture.
Thanks Sheryl from the PPF MB for that info.
PP has a new tour date on 8/17 at the Bizarre Fest in Weeze, Germany.
I finally found the June '02 issue of Guitar Magazine(UK) with a PP article in it. Very nice I must say. A little different from most articles. They mainly talk about what guitars the guys use.
I also got the Maroon5 -Songs About Jane cd last night and the peach sticker above with the quote on it was on the plastic wrapper. Thought you might like it.
The Incubus tour is now officially over for Phantom Planet. Check out
for 2 new PP dates! One is in So. Cal!!!!!!!!
Jason's List of his Fav 17 things is in the August Issue of Seventeen which is now in stores near you! You can also view/ read the article at:
Photoisland username: foolsfallinluv
password: virgo
Thanks Ashley from the PPF MB!
"In the newest issue of AP, The Guest was listed as number 9 on the AP readers' chart. Which is based on votes from, you guessed it, AP readers."
Thanks Katie from the PPF MB for that info. 
Tonight when I was watching Oven Fresh on Much Music, I saw an ad for PP on Random Intelligence. -Made me smile.
I'm listening to "Recently distressed" right now. Ahh  I love that song.
Hi everybody! For all of you who are PPF fan club members, there is a new download for you at PPF! It is a new faster version of "Happy Ending". I listened to it and it sounds great!
I went to Border's Sunday night, but sadly I could not find any of the new magazines PP is in. I'll keep looking though!
Happy Late Birthday Sam!!
So much news!! Ahh!
I saw Rilo Kiley on Friday night at The Knitting Factory. They rocked!
Sam made a new entry in Tour Diaries at PPF and there is a small blurb on PP in "Noises of The Summer" in Request Magazine.
Thanks PPF for this info.
The August issue of Spin Magazine has 4 pages of PP!!!!
Jason lists his top 17 favorite things in the June or July issue of Seventeen Magazine.
There is a PP article in the June 2002 issue of Guitar Magazine(UK).
PP was on the TV Guide Channel during music news on 6/27/02.
Thanks Michelle#2 from the PPF MB for this part of today's news.
Jason and Jacques were interviewed on 106.5 in Charlotte, NC before their show there.
Thanks Sam from the PPF MB for that info.
6 minutes into the Adam Sandler Diary on MTV, the piano part of "California" plays in the background.
Thanks Liz from the PPF MB for that info.
They showed a picture of Jason on Entertainment Tonight on 6/26. Bob Goen said, "Jason Schwartzman turns 22."
Thanks sickcyclecarousel from the PPF MB for that info.
Hi there! There is a new call from Jacques over at
Or just click on the green/blue banner above!
Happy Birthday Jason!
If you are a fan club member, ckecout the new contests under Fanfare and PPF!
Look out for Jason the July issue of Filter Magazine, with Wezer on the cover. It's free, bi-monthly, and has a big article/ interview with Jason in it!
Thanks PPF for this info.
Wow! Finally I have time to post a lot all the time again! 
"and incubus are playing at madison square garden! good for them. i'm proud of them. nice guys. good band. good for them. and phantom planet opening up. good for them, too. also nice guys. also a good band. it should be a nice show."
Thanks Shannon from the PPF MB for this quote.
"California" was on Music Choice on the digital cable box under Alternative Rock.
Thanks Liz ffrom the PPf Mb for this info.
You can also now view "Hey Now Girl" at
Thanks banditfan1 from the PPF MB for this info.
Check out pictures from PP's performance at See Alice Run 2002 in San Francisco at
Enter the "Win A Date With Phantom Planet" at
You log onto this website, then email customer service you name address and telephone number.
Also, if you are a fan club member, Street Team Mission #2 is now up!
Thanks PPF for the picture and contest info.
There is another tour Diary entry by Darren at PPF in which he announces the winner of his contest.
Pp is currently filiming their second video! wooHoo! Roman Coppola is directing again.
Thanks PPF for that info!
I graduate tomorrow, so I won't be posting tomorrow just to let you know.
There is going to be a lot of new merchandise including t-shirts and belt buckles at
Wow! Can you believe that the next place PP plays is Madison Square Garden?!? That's amazing!
PhantomFM, 91.6, a radio statuion in Dublin, Ireland plays "California" Check it out at:
Thanks cahcat from the PPF MB for that info!
Check out a video preview of Alex and Jason hosting The Wedge on Much Music on Friday at
Thanks SugarInMyTea from the PPF MB for this link.
Also, check out a new PP article about the guys playing in bug arenas at
Thanks PPF for this link.
There's another Tour Diary by darren at
Go check it out!
WooHoo! 2 new Tour diary entries by Suzanne and Darren over at
I love Darren's it's great! If your a member of the fan club, there is also a little something new in the members only section. I've got more news, but i've got to get to bed. I promise i'll update again later on today before it gets too late. See ya then!
Hi there! HeeHee. I'm listening to "Bust A Move" right now!
Oh how was I to know that every time I twist and shout...
Did you watch the MTV Movie Awards last nght? Well, "California" was played wd\hile Best Breakthrough Males were being introduced!
Also, if you watch MTV2 every so often they have a concert calendar that comes up and gives dates. Well, I saw it about 2 days ago and it said Phantom Planet and listed all of their upcoming Civic Tour dates! WooHoo!
PP will be hosting The wedge on Much Music on 6/14.
Thanks PPF for that info.
PP has also donated an autograped cd and a picture to the Celebrity Raffle For MS Research.
For more info check out
Thanks Multiplicity from the PPF MB for that info.
My pictures at The Carhole!
Go to
Click the Pictures link on the left and then clck on the banner has Sam's name on it. Here you can see some PP pics that include a sticker made by The Carhole. 3 of my pics are in the gallery!
Alex and Jason were also on Much Music again.
"...talking about touring with incubus and sloan.
and how they want to tour with sloan again.
they were talking about how important touring is
and how they have not been out of cali until august
george stnuffolupagus or whatever the hell that guys name is..
said some good things about THEIR TALENT.
and how the guest is holding its own
and they will be sure to be known as
more than the band with that guy from that movie..what is it....rushmore?
his words not mine."
Thanks Chiick from the PPF MB for this recap of what the guys said!
PP was also mentioned in The Staten Island Advance today. You can read the article under he uest reviews in
Thanks KaperKat from the PPF MB for this info.
News coming tonight!!!
PP is going to be hosting The Wedge on much Music someday.
Thanks michelle #2 for that info.
There is a good sized picture of Jason and a short interview with him is this months issue of Q magazine and I read the Roman Coppola Interview in interview Magazine while I was there. He briefly mentioned Jason and PP once when he talked about the videos he has directed. -I read them both at Border's a few nights ago! I also got the July issue of YM in the mail, took it to school, and showed all of my friends the picture of Alex! And today I got one of my friends to play Somebody's Baby really loud in the auditorium during 4th period when I have theatre!
Updates coming later on today! Yeah! I'll actually have some free time!
CQ is now out in theatres! And PP is now officially on the Civic Tour opening for Incubus!
PP is mentioned in the July issue of Seventeen in On The Road. There is a small blurb saying PP will open for Incubus on the Civic Tour.
Thanks BedroomDancer from the PPF MB for this info.
Jena Malone mentions Alex in the newest AP magazine.Thanks Berlini from the PPF MB for that info.
PP is also memtioned in a Coppola familt article in the magazine Interview.
Thanks Michelle #2 from the PPF MB for that info.
PP is also in the Australian magazine, Smash Hits, which is a teeny bopper magazine for music.
Thanks Bohemian17 from the PPF MB for that info.
PP is on EW's 8 bands to watch. Check it out at:
Alex also has a full page picture and nice sized blurb in the July '02 issue of YM magazine. Until you get your hands on a copy of this, you can check it out at:
"California" was single of the week in Australia this week!
Check out an Aussie review of "California" in
Thanks clareinoz1 from the PPF MB for that info.
In the latest issue of the New York Times magazine, there is an interview with the Coppola's.
Thanks Rach from the PPF MB for that info.
Above the News section today is a picture of Sam in the studio with Hanson. I'll give you more info on that possible collaboration as soon as I know.
Thanks Ashley from the PPF MB for the picture.
Stay tuned! News and pictures coming later today!
Read a great PP interview by Katie from the PPF MB at
Thanks Katie! 
Slackers comes out on DVD on May 28th!
Thanks JustPam from the PPF MB for that info.
Hi there! WooHoo! This site has had ober 4,000 visitors! Thanks to everyone that has stopped by!
Check out
97X radio, WOXY in Cincinattie has an autograhed copy of The Guest and an autographed PP poster up for bids at their Modern Rock for Charity Online. ALL of the money raised will go to charity!
I also added a new Tour Date with Incubus on 7/4 in Dallas!
Thanks PPF for todays info!
I have lots of info, but I'm super tired right now, so i'll put it all up tomorrow.
I added a new picture to Me, Kelli, and Phantom Planet. It's of Kelli, jacques, and me at The Roxy on 3/2. I really like how it came out. brings back great memories. I'll have more of her pictures from that show up soon.
"Lonely Day" was on Ed tonight. It was playing in the background while two high school kids were talking about the girl they liked.
Thanks cpRachy from the PPF MB for that info.
Jason and Alex are also on another MTV2 Rock commercial. This one has them saying their names and you're watching MTV2 Rock, snapping, and disappearing. Sounds funny.
Thanks Michelle#1 from the PPF MB for that info.
Also, for all of the Rushmore fans out there... Rushmore will be played on Comedy Central on
Saturday May 25, 2002 - 10:30PM
Sunday May 26, 2002 - 4:00PM
Thanks Aaron Who from the PPF MB for that info.

Did you get to see PP on Random Intelligence on Much Music USA a few days ago? Well, if you didn't Much Music has a bit of the PP interview on their site. It is of Jason and Alex talking about The Flaming Lips cd and the beach. Check it out at
On the flashing button on the left, click on Random Intelligence, then in the new pop up screen click on the red bar. Then when the Random Intelligence page comes up, click on the Feature Phantom Planet button and there is a little interview video you can watch!
Also, Jason was briefly mentoned in The Houston Chronicle on 5/13/02. The article was about marla sokoloff and how she was in a band, and then it when on to mention other actors that are in bands.
Thanks BTEchica from the PPF MB for that info.Go to PPF for new Tour Diary entries!
Hey there! Back in Spring 2001, Alex and Robert Schwartzman were in a few Stussy ads. If you never got to see these pictures, but still want to, go to
Then when the windo with the tree comes up, click on the Product branch, then click on advertising. A bar will come down with more choices, then click on Archives. In Archives click on Spring 2001 and you'll get to see the wonderful pictures of Alex and Robert!
Also, check out Tour Diaries at PPF for pictures from PP's performance at CBGB's!
Thanks Tara and Claire from the PPF MB for that info.
Hi there. Wow. I've been super busy lately. I watched PP on Random Intelligence on Much Music USA tonight. It was really funny. Jacques started playing "Anthem" on the guitar while Sam was hitting him on the head with a ball. It was hilarious! I don't want to ruin it for you in case you haven't seen it yet, so I'll stop there. At the end of the show they played he video for "California" and then on The Wedge, the show right after, they played "Dope Nose" by Weezer and then "California" again!
Do you want PP to be one of the biggest KROQ bands of all time? Well, then go to
and vote for them! Then on Memorial Day weekend, tune in to KROQ to see where PP made it on the list!
 Also, check out Tour - New Dates for a new date and I updated part of the links section. Links I finally changed the Anthem link to You Break Me. I have some more links to add, but I'll do that later on in the week.
Wow! Lot's of news! First of all, when you enter PPF, there is a new picture of the guys by Thomas Zeidler. You can check out more of his pictures of PP and many other artists at
He also has a PP interview coming soon.
PP is also in the current issue of Southern Callifornia's free Campus Circle that has Stephen Dorff on the cover.
New Tour Dates! Check them out at
There are also a few things about Jason in the June issue of YM.
AND Jacques wrote a new Tour Diary entry at PPF!
Thanks PPF for all of this info.
Angelica also found a PP article in a local street scene paper in Toronto. You can read it at
Currently on MTV2: PP is in a MTV2 infinite music commercial (thanks Michelle1 from the PPF MB for that info) and Alex and Jason have a short commercial, that I've seen, where they say they are Jason and Alex from Phantom Planet (thanks Faye Tanglao from the PPF MB for that info).
Katie from the PPF MB also said this on the PPF MB: "Yesterday I listened to the chart show on SBN (which is a nationally-broadcast student radio network in the UK) and "California" was number 21. This chart is based on the amount of airplay songs get on student stations all over the UK (including ours, woooo!). I also just checked SBN's website, and Phantom Planet are on its "A playlist" which means they're on pretty heavy rotation."
Check all of this out at
You can also order the UK California Single at
Track listing:
1. California (Jack Joseph Puig Mix)
2. The Happy Ending
3. Do the Panic (Live)
4. California (Video)
Thanks Katie for all of this great info!! 

Jason is NOT in the latest issue of Spin. I read the post wrong. I hope your day is going well. I'll be back with PP news when there is some. HeeHee
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Jason is possibly in the newest Spin Magazine. I'll give you the info, when I find out. Until then, check out Tour Diaries at PPF for a new entry by Jacques.
I went to Border's last night and read the article about Jason in Dazed and Confused. It was nice. I looked for NME magazine, but they don't carry it. I also looked in Q for a Jason interview, but I couldn't find it. I must have just skipped it because there is one in there. Thanks to Akstrgzr at the PPF MB, I now know that it is on page 36.
On Friday may 10, (so says my TV guide) Phantom Planet will be on 'random intelligence' on Much Music at 6:00.
Thanks ThatChiick from the PPF MB for that info.

PP is coming to Australia! Go to The Guest -New Album and Video
to read all about it! Thanks Clareinoz1 from the PPF MB for this info.
Oh lots of news today!
Sam's dad is on the Grease Behind the Music and Jason has some clips in VH1's Top 100 ONe Hit Wonders or something, showing for five nights starting next monday. Thanks ItGirl from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also alot about PP in NME, a brit music magazine.
1) a nice ad for the California single ("the glorious single California. CD includes two extra tracks and the Roman Coppola video. Limited Edition, Numbered 7" out 6th May")

2) a great feature in "On", the section that showcases what they think will be the next big thing
3) a (gasp) basically positive review of "California" in the singles section. getting a positive review from NME is not too shabby because they're opinionated bastards, to put it mildly
Check it all out at
Thanks Katie from the PPF MB for this info!
Jason is also in the April 02 issue of dazed and confused magazine,
the music issue. You can find this at your local Borders for $8.95.
Thanks m#2 (GoSailorGo) from the PPF Mb for that info.
That's all for today. Come back tomorrow and I bet there will be more!
Anyone excited about PP going to Europe? I am! I think it's an awesome opportunity for them. The PPF MB needs your help. We need $150 so we can keep that MB the Official one! Please help! Check out the MB for more info. Also, stop on by PPF for a new Tour Diary entry by Sam from Paris, France.
Lot's of new European Tour Dates!!
Sorry about not posting. I haven't been home long enough until now to say anything good. So I'm here now. -With news!
There is a small picture of Jason and a short blurb about CQ under the Top Ten Secion in the 6/02 YM magazine. thanks Michelle #2 from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also a new PP contest at
Thanks MSM Kim from the PPF MB for  that info.
Jason is also going to be on VH1's One Hit Wonders. He says something about the Baha Men and he's on the commercial too. It airs May 6.
Thanks Leckis 29 from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also a review of the 4/21 PP show with Guster at
Thanks PPF for that info.
PP is #8 right now on the College Television Network. Thanks Katie from the PPF MB for that inffo.
I'm back! My internet was not working yestreday, so I couldn't get online to post all the good info! Go to
for new tour dates in Germany!
Also, there is a new PP shirt for sale at PPF. This one has the girl from the 7inch on it.
CQ, Jason's next big screen appearance comes out on May 24. Check out the trailer, pictures, and more at
Thanks PPF for that info.
Want to read another PP article? Well, if you do, then stop on by
Thanks Shana from the PPF MB for the PacSun info!
The show on 4/19 was in Nashville, Tennessee, not Plainview, NY as I had posted. Thanks Michelle for pointing that out to me. I'll get back to you as soon as there is some PP news. Until then... PP ROCKS!
Do You shop at Urban Outfitters? Well, if you do, then you could be one lucky person! If you spend $75 or more at Urban Outfitters right now, you'll recieve a special cd sampler, Urban Outfitters CD Music Sampler #6, that features "California"! Sam and some other bassists are also featured in a new ad for Ashdown Engineering. Thanks PPF for that info.
Also, if you go to
Click on What's New and you'll find a short story on PP in England and Sam!
Now for interesting PP trivia time! Did you know that Matthew Perry graduated from the same school that Sam and Jacques both graduated from in Southern California? Well, now you do!
There is a new review of The Guest in Guitar World Acoustic #50, 2002. Thanks Desiree from the PPF MB for that info. And according to to Alex and Jacques' 2 new phone messages at, PP is headed off to tour with Guster for a week, then Europe for a month, and then the Incubus tour. They won't be home until July! That's all for now. I'll be back tomorrow!
Hi there! I got The Happy Ending Vinyl today! It came in the mail and was waiting for me when I got home! I love getting good things like that in the mail! I'll scan it this weekend. PP finally plays another show tomorrow. I'm still waiting for them to play LA again! Oh I've been spoiled with shows. But now I have another friend friend who wants to see them, so it will be that much more fun when they do come back! Not much going on in the world of PP today. I'll getback to you when there is. Bye Bye for now.
MTV won and is currently MTV' Viewer Pick Video! yeah! Also, if you have a Virgin Megestore nearby, you're in luck becuase they are giving away free VHS copies of "California" when you buy The Guest! Thanks PPF for all of todays info!
Did you watch Smallville tonight? They played "Lonely Day" when Clark was playing basketball with Ryan! I was singing along the entire time and thought it was awesome! Then at the end of Smallville, when they always tell what music they played, they said that there was music by Phantom Planet, they showed a picture of The Guest and they started playing "Lonely Day" again. Aww. It was wonderful.
The College Yelevision Network is currently playing "California". Vote for the video at
Thanks Katie from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also an interview, pictures, and a video of PP in London at
Thanks Sam from the PPF MB for that info! That's all for today! Come back tomorrow and hopefully there will be even more!
I can't wait for PP to come back to LA. Hopefully it will be soon. -To everyone who gets to see the guys soon... ah you're lucky!
PP was at the Rooney show Saturday night at The Roxy. I wanted to go, but things came up and I wasn't able to. -Darn. Oh well. I went to Borders and Barnes and Nobles. I can't find V magazine anywhere! Nobody has even ever heard of it before! Yesterday in the mail was a good PP day though. I sent in stamps for the postage drive over at PPF and the things I sent away for came! I got a laminate from both the 2001 and 2002 Member's Only Shows and a PP sticker promoting singles on The Guest. I love getting PP stuff in the mail.
Hey there! Keep voting for "Calfornia" on KROQ so they keep the song in rotation! That's what Sam said to do at PPF! There are also a lot of new pictures from PP's current tour uo in the Tour Diary section of PPF. There is also a short review of on of PP's performances in the UK. Check that out at
 Thanks PPF for that info.
I have news! WooHoo! Alex is in a magazine called V that can be found at your local Borders right now! Thanks Jason from the PPF MB for that info. There is also a picture of Jason smushed between James King and another fellow Slackers star in this month issue of Teen People! Thanks Michelle from the PPF MB for that info. If you buy something at Pac Sun right now you get a small booklet advertising their contests for the moment. What's so good about this? Well, one of the contests is to see PP perform live, so there is a full page picture of them! The booklet isn't big, but it's pretty cool to open up your bag and see a picture of PP!
Wow! It sounds like the UK fans took to PP very well last night. Still not much going on news wise though, so I'll be back when there is.
Hey there everyone! Still not much PP news. A little from the MB though. You can buy GMART t-shirts like the ones seen in the "Hey Now Girl" video at
Thanks to whoever posted that at the PP MB.
Also, here is a new PP article from Philadelphia Weekly.
Thanks GoSailorGo from the PP MB for that article.
I got Band In The USA #13 today! WooHoo! There's lots of cool stuff by the guys in this issue. Ahh. They are always so much fun to read!
I have tour news! PP is playing London on 4/8, so that's tonight our time! I added 5 new tour dates -3 of which are in England! PP is also playing 2 festival type shows on 5/24 and 5/25 too! Check them all out in Tour - New Dates. I also have huge video news! For a limited time only you can go to to download the "Hey Now Girl" video! This is the one they shot a few months ago at G-Mart! They guys are having a super fun time in the video and I would definitely go watch it if you haven't seen it yet!
Hey there! Still not much new PP news. But I do have some tour news. Somewhere along the line, PP cancelled all of their shows with Guster from the end of April to the end of May.  The last show PP will be playing with Guster is at Hamilton College in Utica, NY on 4/24. Go to Tour - New Dates for the complete tour schedule. Then they start touring with Incubus on 5/29. I heard they are going to tour Europe though, so maybe this is when they are doing that tour. I'll let you know as soon as I know. Thanks Nicholas for pointing out the tour date differences.

I updated the Links section (I added 2 new sites). I also added more links to reviews of The Guest  in The Guest -New Album and Video that I have posted here under Current News. I'll be back later today when I find out more info on PP!
The Cleveland show is sold out!
Yeah! News! You can read Alex and Jason's list of their top 7 favorite cd's right now at
(do a search for Phantom Planet and it's under Favorites). Thanks PPF for that info. PP is also listed as one of  Empyre Lounge's  Top 10 bands to look out for. PP is #6. Check that out at
Thanks Empyrelounge on the PPF MB for that info.
Do you want to see "California" a lot more on MTV? If you do, vote for them at
Thanks to PPF for that info.
Did you get to see PP on JBTV awhile back?Well, if you did or didn't you can go on over to
There are 11 crazy pictures of Alex andd Jason  and a clip of their performance. Thanks Darbie Starpower from the PPF MB for that info. I just readf that Part 2 of PP on JBTV was on last night. Hopefully they will put up pictures from that too!
Ahhh! Too much home work! I'll post all the good info tomorrow when I get home. -Trust me... I do have news!
PP's performance on Kilborn was fantastic! They had tons of energy and lokked like they were having a blast. I loved when the audience was so loud, you couldn't hear what kilborn was saying. PP Rocked! I said last month that I would be starting a video section with the Kilborn performance, but sadly... it won't be happening. I didn't get the copy of Kilborn like I thought I would. But if you didn't see them last night, I'll put up a review with all the details later this week. Hey maybe even tomorrow! Check out PPF for a new Tour Diary entry by Darren!
Hey everyone! Ok so PP was/is (depending on what time zone you're in) on Kilborn on 4/1!! If your on the Westcoast... Watch It! I heard it was great, some great PP people were way too loud for the mics in the audience, and they gave away vinyls! More details on this tomorrow after I see it for myself! See ya then!
Happy Easter... if you celebrate it!
Well, here I am. Back with good PP news. Katie from the PPF MB found info on The Rock Book that PP is in. Nobody that I know of until her has seen this book, so here is all her info if you want to see it too!
So, here's the info on the Rock Book. All proceeds go to the American Red Cross, and you need to send a donation of at least $30 to:

"Rock Book"
c/o American Red Cross
1732 Champa St.
Denver, CO 80202

You can also call 1-800-598-2739 ex. 2604 if you have any other questions. The book features 16 artists, "16 points of view on rock," which include PP, American Hi-Fi, Pete Yorn, The Dandy Worhols (Woo!) and many others.
Also, on the PPF MB, someone found some really good picturess of PP in a mysterious teen magazine that no one could find. Well, Katie also found out that this magazine is called Teen Modern and the PP pics are an ad for The Rock Book.
Teen Modern is a new, free, trial magazine that was sent to people who subscribe to Modern Salon (mainly hair places).
Also, check your local tv listings and see if PP is on Kilborn on 4/1 or 4/5. The official word is still 4/5, but some places say it's 4/1. I thought PP was taping the show on 4/1 and it was airing on 4/5. I'll give you an update on that as soon as I find out for sure myself.
Well, I must say testerday was a very good day. I bought the Donnie Darko DVD. That movie is awesome. Go watch it if you haven't. I also got a package in the mail from a friend that consisted of Rooney pictures and a video of a PP performane I went to awhile back! Thanks SO much if you read this! That just made my day!
Do you want to read an interview with Darren? If so, go to
Also, later on today I'll put up cool info on The Rock Book that is super hard to find, that PP is in. Trust me. You'll want to come back. It's great news. I just need to get some sleep first.
Jason is in a group with Evan Dando, Ben Lee, and Tom Petersson. The Dando Lee Petersson Schwartzman 'Dead or Anything' CD single comes out on April 1st! For more info go to:
Thanks PPF for that info. 
PP shirts can now be bought at your local Hot Topic! Thanks Tisha from the PPF MB for that info.
Hi everyone! come back later today for info on Jason' side project and other great news! See you soon!
Hi there! There is a new review of The Guest in the NY magazine, Time Out.Thanks Francesca and PPF for that info.
WooHoo! The Guest has now been out in stores for 1 month!
On April 1st, there will be a new review of The Guest at
Thanks SweetChellie from the PPF MB for that info.
There is also a new review of The Guest at
The author of the previous review actually emailed it to me today.
For everyone in Chicago: Phantom Planet will be on JBTV tomorrow night! (Wed - 11 pm on WJYS Ch. 62). You can also go to
For more info and an in studio picture of Alex and Jason at JBTV. Thanks Brian from the PPF MB for that info. 
Hi there! The new issue of Teen Vogue with PP in it is finally out! We had news about this magazine months ago, but it just came out this week! I got my issue tonight! There is a small PP article and a small, new pic of the guys! I also got a DVD player, so I'm going to buy Donnie darko on DVD this weekend!
There is a review of The guest at
Sorry to everyone who had tickets to tonights show.
Tonight's show in Indiana has been cancelled!
More updates coming later tonight.
If you're in Florida.. great news for you! The Tampa show is free! Also, click on the blue/ green banner above. There is a new Sam phone call!
Jason will be on SXSW on MTV2! He's interviewing other bands at the South by Southwest Meeting. Check out the schedule to the right under TV.
You can read a Sam interview at
It's kinda funny. The writer has Sam done as Sam Ferrar. There is also another review of The Guest from DePaul University at
My friend mentioned something about wanting to go to that school a few days ago. You can enter another PP contest at
You can also still buy the Detour posters from PPF. I have both of these posters up on my wall. I like them bwecause their design is different from most other PP things. To all the Rooney fans in NY- Rooney will be openibng for PP at CBGB's. Lastly, Jason is in this months issue of Stance Magazine. Amanda #0471 found that one!Thanks PPF for all of this info.
There are some new reviews and info, but I'm SUPER busy right now, so I'll post them tomorrow. Until then, go to PPF. There are 2 new Tour Diary entries!
Donnie Darko is out on DVD and Video today! Pick it up at a store near you!
Hi there! I updated Tour - New Dates. There is a new show on 4/19 with Guster and the show at CBGB's is sold out. Would you like to read another great review of The Guest? If you do, go to
Click on the green/blue banner above to hear 2 new band phone calls. One is by Jacques and the other is by Jason. Also, check out PPF (the orange banner) for a new Tour Diary's entry by Darren! Thanks PPF for all of todays info.
There is a new review of The Guest at
And good news for this site! I'll be adding a Video section next month! The first video up will be PP's performance on Craig Kilborn that will air on 4/5! Yeah!
Hey everyone! Checkout PPF, Darren wrote a pretty long Journal entry. Donnie Darko comes out on tape/ dvd on Tuesday. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it and not just because Alex is in it, but because it's a great movie!
Check out Tour - New Dates. There are a ton of new dates with Guster and the Buffalo show on 4/6 was cancelled. PP is now doing a radio appearance in Tampa. Sorry to everyone in Buffalo. There is also another review of The Guest. Go to
Thanks PPF for all of today's info!
PP is going on tour with Guster! Well, for at least 1 show. Check out the new tour date which is on 4/20 at
Do you know what today is? it's Jacques birthday!
Happy Birthday Jacques!
I added to set list to my show review for Aron's Records on 2/26/02. Check out Show Reviews to see it. Thanks Jessica for the set list. Check out her PP site at
Also, check out an interview with Alex and Eonline! At
Vote for Phantom Planet as your March pick at
I hope everyone on the east coast that is going to see PP has a great time! Thanks PPF or the last two links. Also, click on the banner (the blue and green one) to hear two phone calls by Darren!
It's official! PP is opening for Incubus from 5/24 - 7/3! Check out all the dates in Tour - New Dates. And yes, all of these dates are in arenas! A majority of the tickets are on sale now and are any where from about $20 to $35. (That's just an approximation.) There is a link to Ticketmaster in Tour -New Dates as well. Here are 2 new PP fansites that I definitely reccomend!
In Our darkest Hour
A Phantom Planet Fansite
Big PP news! PP is supposed to go on tour with Incubus from May 24 - July 3!
Also, go to
for a PP article. Thanks Claire from the PPF MB for that info.
Hi there! So heres some good PP news from PPF. Listen to Maritza on WFNP every Sunday night from 5-7pm. She plays Phantom Planet! Go to 
for an Alex/ Sam interview with The Daily Californian -UC Berkeley's paper. Also, go to for another review of The Guest. I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but The Guest sold 10,000 copies the first week it was out! Go PP!   
Hey everyone! The counter and the guest book are back! I'm really happy they fixed everything over at Bravenet. I went to Tower Records and did some shopping yeasterday. It's nice to walk into a store and see PP cd's everywhere. I picked up the March '02 issue of Pulse, Tower's free magazine. Wow. When Tisha said her friend wrote an article in it I didn't know it was full page! WooHoo! Then I remembered that PP was in Spin, but that's not why I bought Spin. I wanted to read about The Osbourne's. Have you watched that show yet? Ahh. It's hilarious! I totally reccomend it! Then as I'm flipping through the pages to get to the Ozzy article.. whoa! There's a full page picture of PP that I've never seen before! I totally reccomend buying that magazine just for the picture! Ahh. Did you know that Jason's favorite food is gorp (trail mix)? Well, now you do.
I also did a little PP reminiscing last night. I went to Universal City Walk and walked by the Hard Rock Cafe and where PP performed on 8/30/01. Memories of that night came flooding back. Wow! I hope something like that can happen for my b-day this year!
I added 2 more dates to Tour - New Dates courtesy of PPF. I also finally put up my review of The Roxy show on 3/2/02. Go to Show Reviews to read it.
Wow! I have been busy the last 12 hours! Interesrted in more pictures? Well, go to Aron's Records Pics -2/26/02 and Roxy Pics -3/2/02 for lots of cool pictures from both of those shows! Need lyrics for the bonus cd that came with your copy of The Guest? You can look at those at Lyrics. Did you by any chance watch Letterman tonight? The rerun with PP playing "California" was on tonight and I saw it! PP ROCKS! Everyone wish Inyourstereo (the PP webmaster) a big birthday wish over at the PPF Message Boards becuase yesterday was her b-day!  Happy Birthday! Also, click on the blue/green banner above to go to 7 new band phone calls have been added! Also, click on the top orange banner to go read 2 new Tour Diary entries by Sam and Jacques. Lastly, a little update on where PP has been. On March 6th they were up in San Francisco and on March 7th PP was in Maui! WooHoo! I wonder if they are still there soaking up the 85 degree rays. 
The Setting Star (this site) is exactly 6 months old today! Yeah! Thanks to everyone that visits this site and enjoys it! Go to the Heatseekers section of and you'll see The Guest at #3! I updated The Guest -New Album and Video and
Me, Kelli, and Phantom Planet. I'm working on putting up all of my pictures from the last 2 shows I went to right now! I'll be back later on today!
Hey everyone... I'm back! Check out Tour - New Dates for new PP headlining tour dates! Do you listen to 106.7 KROQ? Well, if you do, then you'll be hearing a lot more PP because they have been put into rotation and they even made the new page area on You can see PP's name on KROQ (they are second on the list) at
How about this one. Do you shop at Tower Records? If you do pick up the latest issue of their Pulse Magazine. There is a PP article in it that was written by the friend of a PP fan club member. PP is also #133 on Billboard's Top 200 chart right now after The Guest's first full week in stores! WooHoo! Thanks PPF for all of the info here today except for the KROQ link. Life is wonderful with PP in it!
If you are looking for the guest book or the counter, come back in a few days becuase Bravenet's servers are down. But as soon as they are back up and running, the guest book and counter will be back! I'll be back later tonight to talk about quality PP stuff! See You then!
In the mood for some more PP TV? I sure hope you are. Starting tomorrow at 8:30pm EST PP wil be on "MTV2 Presents: Artists to Watch". The show will also air on 3/7 at 1:00am EST and 3/13 at 6:30pm EST.
You can read another PP article in the Daily Trojan at
Thanks Suzanne for the MTV and Daily Trojan news.
Phantom Planet is also in the March 2002 issue of Interview Magazine. Thanks You Suck But I love You from the PPF MB.
Welcome to another beautiful day in sunny so. cal. or wherever you may be. I got all of my pictures back from The Roxy. I'll start putting those up at the end of this week. My review will come soon. I had planned on doing it today, but I was having fun talking to some other people. Ahh the wonders of the internet. It's wonderful. Yesterday there was a PP article about Saturday's performance in the Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times. You can also go to
There is also a very good interview with Sam at
and there is an article about PP in The Daily trojan at
Thanks PPF for all of todays links!
Hi there! Last nights show was unbelievable! I haven't had time today to write the review, but as soon as I do have time i'll tell you all of the wonderful details! At least part of it will be up tomorrow night. I got my pics back from Aron's and half of my pics back from The Roxy too. I'll put those up as soon as I have time too. Oh yes! No school on friday!PP is in the current issue of Spin in an article called Incoming:Ones To Watch. Thanks INebula1231 from the PPF MB for that info.
Hello there! I put up my review of Tuesday's performance in Show Reviews. A friend of mine also found another review of The Guest at Do you remember me talking about how you can vote for PP at BUMrock? Well, PP is now #1 on their chart! Thanks PPF for that info. I'm going to see PP at The Roxy tomorrow night and I'lll be sure to take lots of pictures to put up here!
How do you like The Guest? I LOVE it! I also found out earlier tonight that they recorded "Do The Panic" at the Pete Yorn/PP show I went to at the HOB in December! Yeah! Now I am part of 2 PP cd's. (The other is Live.) On Tuesday, PP also opened with a new song called "Happy Ending" which will probably be part of the new set list for most upcoming shows. -I loved the song! Thanks to PPF you can now see the "California" video at
You can also read a cool interview thanks to PPF at
Jason is currently in GQ magazine in a VOXX ad. Thanks Diane for that info.
There are also 2 more reviews of The Guest at
Thanks MBBB from the PP message board and
Thanks VL from the PPF message board for that link.
Also, check out Tour - New Dates for another new East Coast show!
Hey everyone! I just saw PP at Aron's! Aww. I love seeing them play. I bought The Guest there and had all of them sign it. Cool. I'll have a review up later this week or on the weekend. I took some pictures, so those are coming after I develop them. Check out Tour - New Dates for some new dates. There's a lot more to update on, but I'll do that tomorrow because I'm super sleepy right now. Adios for now!
The Guest is in stores today!!
Is everyone excited? I sure am! I'll be at Aron's tonight! Oh I can't wait! So far I know that you can but The Guest at Tower Records, Target, HMV, sam Goody, and Best Buy! WooHoo! Also checkout for new PP reviews and articles! Thanks Etherealqueen for that info. There is also a new tour date for 3/26 in New York! Check it out in Tour - New Dates
Hey everyone! The Guest comes out tomorrow! Wow has time flown by or what? There is anew interview with PP at
Have you bee watching MTV2 lately? Well, I did this morning and there is a new MTV2 commercial advertising the many different music vifeos they play including Sum 41, Blink 182, and Elton John. The great thing about this commercial is that "California" is the music being played throughtout the entire commercial!-And the ad is extra long! I've already seen it twice, so if you haven't already seen it, I'm sure you will soon.
Also, there will only be 50 Roxy and Glasshouse tickets given away at the free shows when you buy The Guest. And the tickets will be given to the first 50 people who buy the cd during the signing -not when the store opens that day. Thanks PPF for that info.
The Guest is almost here! The day after after tomorrow, you can buy The Guest at record stores everywhere! There are lot more reviews for The Guest. They'll take up a lot of room here, so go to The Guest -New Album and Video to read them all. There is also now a link to the Orange County Register article instead of the actual article. Can you beleive all the reviews out there? It's awesome! There are definitely new dates in Tour - New Dates. Sorry if you went there and they weren't there like I said they were. They are now!
Did anyone watch the Olympics tonight? Well, if you short the short special on Bode Miller than you the piano part of "California" in the background! Yes! Phantom Planet music was part of one of the biggest sporting events in the world.. the Olympics! I also finally saw the commercial for The Guest today on M2! It's SO cool to see the guys on TV (well, part of the Cali video). If you live in Orange County, The Guest was reviewed by Ben Werner of the Orange County Register. You can read this review in The Guest -New Album and Video (it's the last thing on the page the). Also, there are new tour dates! Thanks Kat from the PPF message boeard for that info! Check out Tour - New Dates for all of the shows that PP is definitely playing. Only 3 days and 20 minutes PST until The Guest comes out in stores!
Hi everyone! Only 4 days until The Guest comes out! WooHoo! If you were looking forward to seeing PP in Boston at The Paradise Rock Club with Remy Zero... the show has been cancelled. The only definite PP/ Remy Zero show is the one in Philadelphia. Thanks Suzanne for that info. There is an interview with Jason at a concert in December at
Thanks PPF for that info.
There is a new review of The Guest in the current issue of Rolling Stone with Linkin Park on the cover. You can read it at
There is also a MTV PP review/ interview at 
Thanks Sammit from the PP message board for info on the last 2 reviews.
Lot's of PP news today! First of all, this week Phantom Planet is the Handicked artist on MTV. Go to to read a review of Is Missing, watch "California", and look at pictures of the guys! Thanks and Suzanne for that info. The Guest is the album of the day at CMJ Music. Click 
Thanks Anne from the PPF message board for that info. Donnie Darko is coming out on video and DVD on March 19th! Thanks LoLoRoo from the PPF message board for that info. There is a review of The Guest at My Inky too.
Oh and don't forget the review at
There is also a review of Live by Fufkin at this site
Thanks PPF for the info on the last 3 reviews! There are a few more things to add, but I think I'll do that tomorrow. Wow, there sure were a ton of reviews today! I'll see you all tomorrow!

Less than 1 week until The Guest comes out in stores near you! Are you ready? I sure am! Check out The Zone link above for pictures from PP"s performance earlier this month. Thanks Jessica #0609 and PPF for this info. WooHoo! Phantom Planet acoustic set pictures! -P.S. There are a lot of pictures!
If you bought tickets to one of the cancelled shows (they are listed under Tour -New Dates) you can try returning them and getting money back or wait to say what happens about any rescheduling or anything. No garuntees though. Thanks Suzanne for this info. Also, if you are going to the shows at either The Glasshouse or The Roxy, I have more info on Jen #359's zine, "As The Smoke Reaches The Sky". It will only be $1! Akso, if you aren't going to one of these shows, but you still want a zine just email Jen at You can also use the email link above. In 45 minutes it will be exactly 1 week until The Guest comes out on the west coast! Also,keep watching MTV2 and MUCH music to see "California" and and the commercial announcement of the arrival of The Guest! Thanks Jami from the PPF message board for that info. Oh and I updated Tour -New Dates today too!
Do you want to read another review on The Guest? If you do, click on the Slant Magazine link above. they gave it 4 out of 5 stars! Thanks Salvation2002 from the PPF message board for that info. 8 days until The Guest comes out in record stores everywhere!

If you are attending the show at The Glasshouse House or The Roxy, look out for Jen #359, who will be giving out her zine, "As The Smoke Reaches The Sky" which features Phantom Planet. Thanks PPF for this info. I'm going to start addding the captions to The Roxy pics this weekend and hopefully, I'll get the Rilo Kiley pics up soon as well. 9 days until The Guest comes out!

10 days till The Guest comes out!

The Remy Zero/Phantom Planet shows from March 18-26 have been cancelled. I'll get back to you on that when I know more. Thanks Suzanne for that info. Click on the Mandy Moore/ Alex Interview link above to read a short article on Mandy Moore. I include Alex in the title because there are some interesting quotes by him in the article. I reccomend checking it out for a minute. Thanks Karen from the PPF message board for that info.
11 days until The Guest comes out! WooHoo!

OK. One last thing for today. I bought US Weekly thinking it was the 2/11 issue but it was really the 2/25 issue and Jason is in that one too! There is a picture of him at The Slackers premiere in the Fashion Police section.
If you are in Seattle, listen to KMTT on 2/26 at 3:15 PST to hear an acoustic PP session that was just recorded. Thanks PPF for that info. If you are a PPF Fan Club member, check out the Fanfare section for Alex's Track by Track synopsis of The Guest. I love reading tid bits of interesting info like that! PP is in Request Magazine (March/April 2002 issue) in an article called "Most Promising Player" in their new artists section. This magazine can be found at Media Play, Sam Goody, On Cue, and Suncoast. Thanks Katie from the PPF message board for that info. Jason is in the 2/11/02 issue of US Weekly in the "Generatin Next" article that also has a picture of Jason and his mom from around 1982. Thanks Gen from the PPF message board. Online, you can lso find PP in Tower Records E-Pulse for 2/11/02. Thanks Amber from the PPF message board for that info. Also, if you happen to be in England check out the Orange County soundtrack ad in HMV Magazine to see a very small bit about "California." Have a great rest of the day!

PP is in a few more magazines and taped an acoustic set for a Seattle radio station. Details on all of this later on today. -Less than 2 weeks until The Guest comes out!

Listen to Star 98.7 Top 8 at 8 all this week to hear Phantom Planet! Tonight Alex, Jason, and Jacques hosted the show and they were #4 on the show! Thanks Suzanne and Genevieve for that info. Also, I finally finished putting up all of the Phantom Planet Roxy pictures. Check them out in Roxy Pics -1/28/02.

I got the Feb. 28, 2002 issue of Rolling Stone today with PP in it and the Feb. 2002 issue of Meanstreet that PP is in right now. In Rolling Stone there is a picture of PP with Chris Kattan and there is a nice article with quotes from Jaques in Meanstreet. I also finally watched Jason on Craig Kilborn that I taped awhile ago. They didn't talk about PP a ton, but they did play snippetts of a few PP songs off The Guest that most people usually don't play. That was cool! If you are interested in having a copy of PP om Loveline last week email me your State and zip code and I'll give you more details. Want to preorder The Guest? You can do that and be guaranteed the Bonus disc through There is a link above. Thanks Kustomboy from the PPF message board for that info. There is a small thing about Jason in the latest issue of details as well. Thanks JessicaClaire78 from the PPF message board for that info. I'm finishing up with the last of The Roxy pictures, so I'll have those up sometime tomorrow. Until then... and like always... PHANTOM PLANET ROCKS!

The track list for the bonus cd that will come with the first 65,000 copies of The Guest is now up under The Guest in Discography. Thanks Kustomboy from the PPF message board for a link to that info. I also added 5 more pictures to page 5 of Roxy Pics -1/28/02. If you can find the issue of Meanstreet with PP in it anywhere, you can use the Meanstreet link above to read the article and check out for new PP contests you can enter! (Use the green/blue banner above.)

New Tour Dates! Thanks I would've posted them sooner but I wasn't home at all yesterday. On, Darren, Sam, and Alex also left a video message for the fans! Check the message out by clicking on the green/blue moving banner above. I'll post more Roxy pictures tonight! I got my tickets for PP at The Roxy on 3/2 on Thursday! And as for magazine updates, PP is in the latest Rolling Stone (thanks Genevieve from the message board for that info) and Mean Street (thanks Little Star from the PP message board for that info). Check the Where is Phantom Planet section to the right of this column for more info on each magazine. WooHoo! Phantom Planet ROCKS!

Hey everyone! You can download "California" now at PPF and listen to it. There are also 2 new reviews/interviews on PPF aswell. Go check them out through the banner above. Thanks PPF for that info!

Phantom Planet will be on The Conan O'Brien Show on March 12th! Thanks PPF for that info. Check out Page 4 in Roxy pics -1/28/02 for 10 new PP pictures! I still have more Roxy picture to come!

Hello there! Well, I updated the Tour- New Dates Section with 2 new performances. One is tomorrow and the other is on Thursday. Thanks PPF for that info. The Guest comes out in 21 days! WooHoo! I finally finished writing about my adventures and details from the Roxy show on 1/28. Check it out in Show Reviews. I just got a new scanner, so that 3rd roll of films is on it's way! I taped Jason on Craig Kilborn last night. Or at least I think I did. I kept hearing diffrent days that he was going to be on and I haven't watched my tape yet, so I'll get back to you about that later.

Hey everyone!I just listened to PP on Loveline. I taped the whole thing! I've got a ton to update on, but I have to wait till tomorrow cuz it's so late. Until then.. click on the KROQ link above for a picture of Jason from the KROQ interview he did last week.

Hey everybody! Hope you like pictures because I improved al of the pictures in Roxy Pics -1/28/02 and I added some new ones too! Keep checking back for more pics! I still have a full roll to put up. I updated Tour -New Dates with a free performance at USC on 2/26 at 12 noon. Thanks PPF for that info. Also, the episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch that PP appeared on is airing again on Monday the 18th on the WB at 2 p.m. est. Thanks Pink1223 from the PP message board for that info.

I put 12 more pictures up in Roxy Pics -1/28/02. Now there are 2 pages of pictures there and many more to come ober the next few days. Once all the pictures are up, I will add quotes to them. On Feb. 4th, Jason will be on Loveline from 10:00 -11:00pm and then Alex ans Sam will join Jason from 11:00 -12:00am. In Los Angeles KROQ is 106.7 on the radio and you can also tune into a web broadcast. Thanks Suzanne for that info. Also, Jason is in this weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly. I got the "California" cd single today and I also updated Discography with pictures of the cd's and I put a PP ad I got from Suzanne at the last Roxy show in The Guest section. The ad is advertising the free shows in so. cal. I'll be back later today with more pictures!

There are more pictures in Roxy -1/28/02! There are also 1 new tour date (UC Berkeley) in Tour -New dates. thanks PPf for that info. Also, Jason was on Conan O'Brien last night or the night before.

Hey everyone! I just watched PP on Letterman and they were great! They had so much energy and sounded wonderful! Paul and the band even played with PP! Yeah! Oh by the way, if you didn't already know, they played "California". I also watched the Daily Show with Jason. I taped both! I'm going to see Slackers today, so I'll have lot's to say about that and more Roxy pics tonight! PP ROCKS!!!

Hey everyone! I added a couple of new pictures to the new Roxy Pics page. Throughout the week I will be putting up all of my pictures, so stick around. I also wrote a very brief review of the show under reviews. I will expand on the review later this week and i'll tell about the people I talked to and all my little adventures. The show was awesome! There are also 3 new Tour dates under Tour -New Dates. PP will open for Remy Zero on these days. Oh and did anyone see Jason's tent on MTV Cribs tonight? I did and I taped it!

Jason is on Letterman tonight! He was also on KROQ 106.7 this morning and the Slackers premiere was tonight. I recorded a few minutes of the radio appearance this morning and I must say Jason isSO funny! I went to see PP at The Roxy 2 nights ago and it was awesome! I'll have a revue and pictures up starting tomorrow! Gotta go study for finals tomorrow. I'll be back here before you know it!

Jason will be on the Late. Late Show with Craig Kilborn on 2/5. Thanks Max Is Missing from the PP message board for that info! I'm going to The Roxy show tonight! Yeah! I'll have pictures from that at the end of the week or the weekend!

I updated the Tour -New Dates section with 2 Jason appearances. Jason will be on The Daily Show tomorrow and he will be on The Last Call on 2/4.Everyone in Chicago that is going to the show/screening.. have tons of fun! Oh and I also got my new Band In The USA and I'm in it 3 times! -2 pictures and 1 quote. Yeah!

I tried posting last night, but I couldn't get onto tripod! So heres all the news...Come see PP at The Roxy on 1/28. The LA HOB show was cancelled and This show replaced it. Rilo Kiley and The skirts will open for PP. (The Skirts are the 3 girls from the unnamed band that opened at the 3rd members only show for PP.) I talked to Suzanne the day before yesterday and I asked her where you will be able to buy The Guest on Feb. 26. I was wondering if it would be hard to find or what. But she said that you'll be able to buy The Guest anywhere -even huge places like Wherehouse! Jason is going to be on The Last Call with Carson Daly on either 2/5 or 2/6 and Jason will also be on Craig Kilborn on one of those days too. I'll let you know when I find the exact dates out. Thanks Zoe from the PP message board for that info. Jason is going to be on MTV Cribs on 1/30 at 10pm as well. Thanks Katie and Gen for that info from the PP message board. And to top off the lovely day you are having, skip on over to and go to page 3 of Snap Shots to see a picture of Jason, Darren, and Alex! Thanks heroingirl from the PP message board for finding that. The new issue of AP with PP in it is also at newstands and bookstores now, so check it out. PP is voted as on of the top 100 bands to look out for in 2002. I'll give credit for that tigbit tomorrow. Vote for PP on BUMrock (there's a link above). Thanks PPF for that info. Also, keep clicking on the Phantom Planet Dot Com banner above (the blue & green one) for lots of new PP goodies. You can watch the video for "California" and the guys left some phone messages that you can listen to on the site!

Oh lots of news today! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I spent a ton of time at the PP chat and then I had to do homework. Phantom Planet will on the Mancow Morning show on Chicago's WKQX, Q101 Monday, January 28 at 8:30am for a band interview and electric performance! Jason will also be calling in to Kevin and Bean on 106.7fm KROQ on Tuesday, January 29 at 8:00am. I also added a bunch of new PP performances to the Tour -New Dates Section. The majority of the new dates are in So. Cal., but 1 is in Arizona! I added two new magazines too! Thanks PPF for the tour and radio info!

Vote for "California" on Much Music! PP is on Sucks Or Doesn't Suck this week so keep them #1! Yes, PP is #1 right now! If you are a PPF member, join the Fanclub in a chat on AOL instant messenger tomorrow at 6pm (pacific time). Thanks Anne from PPF for that info. Jason is also in the Feb. '02 issue of Twist. Thanks jessicaclaire78 from the message board for that info. I am also adding pictures of the cd covers to the Discograpjy section his week!

On 1/28 Jason and Alex will be on MTV2. jason will be hosting the show called About Slackers: From Zeroes To Heroes. Detais about the time MTV2 is airing the show is to the right under TV. Jason is also in the newest edition of Spin with KISS on the cover (thanks DownRocket18 from the message board for that info) and Entertainment Weekly has a small blurb about The Guest in it (thanks Jermo from the message board for that info). Also, the Feb. 2002 issue of Premiere has a Jason spread in it (thanks Max Is Missing from the message boards for that info).

I made a new section called The Guest -New Album and Video for all of the info about "California" and The Guest. You can read Carson's quote and the review there. Are you a PP Fan Club Member? Well, if you are and you haven't heard The Guest yet, you are in luck. You can go to and listen to snipets of every song off the new album. Members Only though. Check out Tour -New Dates for 2 new shows and I added a link to a new interview done by Starpolish with Alex above. Thanks PPF for the tour and interview info.

Did anyone see "California" today? It was great and I taped it too! I'm sorry but that info on the single and The Guest will come later on today because I have to sleep soon. Also, I'll have a review of the video and Carson Daly quotes! Oh and I added a new banner I made for Phanomena under links too. I'll tell you all about Phanomena too. Until then... try to see the new video. It ROCKS!

Tune into TRL tomorrow on MTV (3:30 - 5:00pm EST) to see the video for "California." It's Carson's pick of the week or something like that. Also, Alex and Jason will be on MTV2 on Jan. 28. I am SO excited! Today on TRL Michelle Branch mentioned PP and Carson said the video would air tomorrow. The show was also confirmed by PPF. That's the big news for now!

Hey everyone! I didn't tell you guys yesterday, but I updated Links with a banner to PPF and where you can find the original PP site (the one Sam made). I also added a different banner to Tour-New Dates. I made a new banner for this site too! It's animated! You can check it out under Links. I'm going to add info about the "California" single and The Guest either tomorrow or Friday. Stay tuned for more PP news- coming at you when I hear it!

Thanks Tisha for help with the words to "Wishing Well" and I would also like to thank everyone else on the message boards that has put their ideas into PP lyrics. Some of your ideas are a lot of help. Tonight PP play's at the Bowery!

I put up all of the lyrics to The Guest and I updated the magazine section of Where Is Phantom Planet to the right. Just click on the link for The Guest under Lyrics to read all the lyrics! Also, check out PPF for new merchandise, wall paper, and new AIM icons! They are all cool! Also, for everyone out there in NY... PPF has some bad news for you. The Puma store grand opening is private. Sorry about that if you were looking forward to it. Thanks PPF for that info. Have tons of fun if you are going to see PP play with Remy Zero tomorrow night!

I'll have a little treat for everyone very soon. Almost all of the lyrics are done for the latest song list that I know of for The Guest. Those will be coming in a few days at the latest. That's all for now. Also, I have to watch myself and make sure I write 02 not 01 like I keep doing. It's 2002 not 2001.

I added a new picture to Pictures-Page 1 in the Members Only Show Section. It is of Darren and Jacques. I'll talk more tomorrw because I spent too much time over at the Weezer site that I haven't been to in ages. Gotta sleep now. Nighty night.

I woke up for PP's radio performance this morning. But I could never get connected, so I didn't get to hear it. The dc101 pictures are working now. Go to the link above and when you click on the PP pictures, they will now enlarge. I also added another link to a review about the ep Live. Thanks PPF for that link. Also, lookout for PP in Los Angeles hopefully sometime next month and even Europe around March or so. Until tomorrow... have fun! PP ROCKS!

There is a new link above to the radio station dc100 that has pictures from Wednesdays radio performance. They are really small, but they are still PP pictures. I can't wait until tomorrow morning. I'm waking up nice and early again! Oh that will be the second time this week. Also, Y100 lists Phantom Planet as one of their top 5 bands on YNOT which is their new music show on Sunday nights! I also added some new dates to the Tour-New Dates section. Thanks for that info.

I hope you are ready because I did a lot today. I listened to part of the web cast of PP's radio performance this morning and I wrote a review for it under Show Reviews. I said part because it dropped out for almost a half an hour, but then it came back on in time for me to listen to "All Over Again." I also finished putting up all of my Members Only pictures in the Members Only Show section. There are a total of 85 pictures from that one show in that section! Also, a news update that was confirmed by the guy's this morning. Jason will be on Letterman for Slackers on 1/30/02 and PP will be performing on Letterman on 1/31/02. Also, for Fridays radio performance there is a link to the station under Current News. Tune in and listen at 6am on the West Coast and 9am on the east coast!

Wow. i just realized that i had written the year as 01 on almost all of my Jan. entrys. sorry about that. I said i would have more pictures up today, but they are going to have to wait until tomorrow because my scanner isn't working right and i have to wake up real early to listen to PP. I'll definitely have more pictures tomorrow and a review of their radio performance if I wake up in time to hear it. See ya later. Oh and There is a new link up above for a review of a D.C. PP show in Sept. or Oct. thanks PPF for that link!

I put up more pictures including the ones from the solo acoustic performances in the Members Only Show Section! I still have a lot more to put up. Hey the guys play D.C. tomorrow!

I put more pictures up in the Members Only Show section. There will be more coming everyday this week until I get them all up. Yuck. School starts again tomorrow. I have to get to bed now. See ya later!

I added more pictures to the Members Only Show Section. There are still a lot more pictures to come, so check back everyday for new ones! I also aded a few new dates to the Tour- New Dates Section. Click on the moving Phantom Planet banner above and then go to Phantom Planet Family to read Epic's latest press release which includes PP! Thanks PPF for the tour info.

Click on the Members Only Show Section link for some pictures from the show! There are a lot more pictures coming with captions today! Thanks to everyone that comes to this site. The Setting star has now had 1000 visitors!

The review is up! Click on the Members Only Show Section link above! Pictures are coming tonight!

The review almost made it last night but tripod decided to delete a portion of the review and I have to sleep now. So it will be up sometime today and pictures are coming as well. I promise it WILL be up today! On top of everything else, I haven't been home much to work on it. If you would like to read the review before I put it up on this site email me and I'll send it to you as soon as I'm done. Oh and so far the review is really long and I still have a lot to write!

Don't worry..the review is coming late tonight! I'm getting my pictures back tonight too!

Wow! I have now been to my first members only show and it was amazing! You will never guess what song they opened with? Drum roll please...... Rise The Setting Star! That's the song this website is named after! Come back here tomorrow and you'll get to see the start of the brand new members only secton. Don't worry, I'm not blocking anyone out. Everyone will be able to go to it, but it will be of my stuff for the members only show. It's gonna be fun! I have to get some sleep now so I'll be back tomorrow!

Woohoo! It's the members only show tonight!!!!!!

I added the lyrics to "She's Gone" from Polaroid today. Thanks Mimi for about 95% of those words. Tomorrow night I'm going to the members only show, so I'll have lots of pictures and a long review coming after the show and there will be a lot of news coming soon too! Check back here soon for lots of good stuff!

More Tour Dates! I hope there are a lot of East Coast fans reading this because PP is making 5 East Coast appearances this month! They are also appearing in Denver in March! Oh and the G*Mart appearance is on. Check the Tour -New Dates section for all the details! Thanks PPF for the info. Until I have more info... Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! You'll be happy to hear that I put up 5 new pictures! They were ttaken by Brad Barrish and can be found at the bottom of the Alex page, the bottom of the Jason page, the middle of Tour-Past Dates, the bottom of Band History, and at his link under links! I also heard about a possible PP in-front of store performance at G*Mart in Philly on Jan. 11 at 7:00pm. Thanks bigphantomfan for that info. I'll let you know more about that when I hear if this show is really going to happen or not. Happy New Year's tonight if I don't post again before then!

I got the Jan. issue of Harper's Bazaar and the Feb. issue of Seventeen today. I really reccommend checking out the issue of Seventeen. PP is on 8 pages! Most are are just pics with the Seventeen models, but there are a quotes on most of the pages. If you like Sam, you will definitely want to see these pictures! I also made a banner for this site. So if you want a link to this page, just go to Links, copy the banner at the top of the page, and make the picture a link! I finally redid the Past Tour Dates section, so you can read it now! Have a good day!

I got the Jan. issue of Harper's Bazaar and the Feb. issue of Seventeen today. I really reccommend checking out the issue of Seventeen. PP is on 8 pages! Most are are just pics with the Seventeen models, but there are a quotes on most of the pages. If you like Sam, you will definitely want to see these pictures! I also made a banner for this site. So if you want a link to this page, just go to Links, copy the banner at the top of the page, and make the picture a link! I finally redid the Past Tour Dates section, so you can read it now! Have a good day!

I just added all of the lyrics for Live, PP's EP, to this site. Check it out in Lyrics and with the link above!

Hi everyone! I made a new section for this page that I want to be my opening page, but I can't get it to work right without losing info here. There is a link up above in the blue section. I also added a new tour date for 1/8 in Washington D.C. and I added a link to a site called And If I Could Breathe, I Try Not To Choke. Also, I completely forgot to put this in my 12/19 show review. When PP sang "Do The Panic," Darren sang Back up vocals with Sam and Jacques. Darren rarely sings, so this was a nice surprise. Oh and is everyone still clicking on the moving green/blue PP banner above? Thank you if you are and if you haven't yet, check it out. It's not the same lime green site with the lady that it used to be. Now it's orange and has a really good PP picture when it opens! That's all for now!

I added a new Where is PP section to the right so you can find all the different places PP can be found in right now. I also added all of the Polaroid lryics except for "She's Gone." I'll finish that song someday. I'm also really close to finishing the lyrics for Live the 5 song EP. I just need to work on the lyrics for "Shadows" and touch a few things up. I'm off to do that now. I'll be back here soon.

I looked in the JAN. '02 issue of AP and PP is not in it. Maybe they'll be in a future issue. But Jason is in Harper's Bazaar and this months Gear magazine. In Gear, James King mentions Jason, (they are both in Slackers). Thanks Genevieve for that info. Then in Bazaar, Jason talks about his favorite cd. Thanks Tear Off Band for that info. Also, I would like to thank Diane for using my 12/19 show review on her site. You can see it at the Fine On My Own Link above. I updated Me, Kelli, and PP as well.

I forgot to write it up here, but "Hey Now Girl" plays in the background of the slackers trailer and you can listen to the song on the site. Just go to quick links and select music! Have Fun! Merry Christmas!

I'm back. Jason is in the Jan. '02 issue of Stuff magazine which has two girls in bikinis on the cover. Thanks Mimi for the info. If you are looking for the Suzanne article link, NY interview link, or the PP San Francisco Show link, I put them under News and Article Link Archives at the very top of the page. This was previously News Archives but I decided the new name was more appropriate when I moved the links. Above there is a new link to a sony Slackers site. You can watch the trailer here. If you haven't seen the trailer, I reccomend you do. It's hilarious! Thanks JenQ for the site info.

Hi everyone! Jason is in Stuff magazine. I'll get the exact issue later on today! See ya later!

Has anyone seen the trailer for Slackers the movie that Jason is in? It's hilarious! I can't wait for it to hit the theatres in Jan.!

I updated the 12/19 show review, so now it is more accurate and I filled in the parts that I couldn't tell you before because of Kelli's present. I gave her a shirt that I had Sam, Darren, and Alex sign at the 12/19 show to her today for x-mas and she loved it!

Jason is in the Feb. 2002 issue of YM. There is a full page picture, a small interview, and he talks about PP. Sorry I didn't get the review up on 12/20. But it's up now!

The show tonight, well I shoud say last night because it's 12:45am was great! Stop on by later today for a full show review with all the details!

Yeah I get to see PP tonight! I'm SO excited! Also, click on the green/blue banner above and you can listen to their single "California." -Yes, the recorded full length version that will be on radio stations a month from yesterday!
First. Please click on the Meet Phantom Planet link above!That was the surprise! Hey... it moves! Wow! There is SO much news today!

"California" will be played on the radio starting 1/18/01!

Alternative Press magazine named PP one of the top 100 bands you should know about in 2002 in their Jan. '02 issue.
PP will be in the Feb. issue of Seventeen.
PP will be in the Feb. issue of Teen Vogue.

1/30/01: PP will make their late night debut on the Late show with David Letterman.

Oh all so exciting! I still have an old YM or some type of magazine with PP in it from '99. I'll have to keep adding to my collection. (I also have MXG with Alex and Abercrombie & Fitch with Jason it it.)

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I've been having a really hard time getting into Tripod. Hmmm. Who knows. Well, I'm here now. So... not much going on for me to talk about. But there is a picture of Sam and Alex from the HOB show on 11/14 in this months issue of Meanstreet which is a free music magazine in So. Cal. I haven't found the actual magazine yet, but I did see the picture. Does anyone remember when Alex poured beer down Sam's back at that show? Well, it's a picture of that. Ahh.. so hilarious. But I'm sure it means more if you actully saw the whole thing live like I did. Also, PP is in the Jan. 2002 issue of ELLE magazine under best of the month. They call The Guest "out-of-this-world good." That's all for now and stop on by tomorrow because I think I may be adding a little something new. -Hey I said little so don't expect a lot. And for more news, I tell it as it comes! Bye for now!

I tried posting here last night, but for some reason the Tripod site wasn't loading. Oh well, I'm here now. I finally got info on the Members Only show and I am SO excited! Are any of you going? Thankfully the show is during x-mas break. But even if it wasn't I would still be going. PP put up their final posts from the tour in the Tour Diaries section of PPF. Darren said they all made a pact not to cut there hair until Feb. 26, 2002. That will be fun. They also talk more about footage they filmed for "California." Wow. I still can't beleive they are making a music video. It all seems so surreal. I can't wait until next Wednesday night. It's gonna be a blast and I'm going to be part of another PP recording. (Duh... "California.") That's all for now and when I find out more, I'll be sure to tell you here! Here's a cool article about Suzanne! (Well, actually you have to go to the Suzanne article link above.)

I heard PP is going to or did record some more songs for The Guest!

Now I can tell you that thing I wouldn't last night. I got tickets to the 12/19 concert in LA!!!!! With that in mind I would like to let everyone know that I will be getting info on the members only show soon. So after I have gone to that I'll definitely have lots of new pictures. Did I tell you that I got a better camera? This one is older, but it has cool lenses and it's way faster than my old one. And no... I will not give any of you un-members info on where the members only show is or anything. It's called members only for a reason. Oh and for anyone going to the 12/19 show, Remy Zero will not be playing. Darn, I wanted to see them. But I get to see PP and that is all that matters!

OK so I'm going a little crazy right now and I only have one thing on my mind. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. For now, I must leave you with the news that there is not a ton for me to report back on at the moment. Or I just can't think of a lot right now because of that one thing. I'm working on more song lyrics and x-mas break is in 2 weeks, so I'll be working on this site a lot. Gotta go for now. I promise there WILL be news tomorrow night!

California, here PP comes! I can't believe their next show is here in LA! I hope everything went well in Denver and maybe they will even get to spend some extra time at home in their own beds now.

Oh life is wonderful! PP just added the show at HOB on the 19th to their tour! It's confirmed now. I'm so there! Also, in tour diaries on PPF, there are a lot of new entries. If you haven't already seen them, you should check them out. They are always fun to read. It's getting really late. Well, actually really early. Gotta go. See ya tonight.

Hi everyone! If you haven't heard yet, PP filmed part of their video for "California" last night in Chicago at The Metro and The Hideout. Roman Coppola is directing the video. Also, I added a link to a PP interview they did in NY above. There are some great pics there!

500 VISITORS!!!! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by so far! It's greatly appreciated!

To all the fans in Chicago- there is another show tonight at The Hideout!
"*The Hideout is a 21+ bar, but last time we were there, a group of
underagers did manage to get in...*"
PP will go on promptly @ 6:45 @ the first show and will then play around 11 or 12 @ The Hideout.
Enjoy you lucky folks!

Ohh, they play Chicago tomorrow!
For any one going through PP withdrawl, there is a real nice article on them and some wonderful pics of the guys at the fan club site under current news. If you haven't seen Sam's new bass yet, you can see it really good in a couple of the pictures. I wonder when they are going to announce the members only show? I'm so anxious! Oh and if you haven't read the Tour Diaries on the fan club site, I suggest reading the last one Alex wrote. I found it quite interesting. I learn new things from PP everyday.

Anyone wanna sign the Guest Book? It's lonely and page 1 needs some new friends.

OK so you know how I said I talked to Alex the other night? Well, it turns out that it was an Alex imposter! Ugh! Why would somebody want to mess with me like that?

Did anyone make it out to the show in Buffalo? Hope it was fun. Now PP is headed for Canada. I want to go to Toronto someday. Yeah, another one of the places I want to go to someday. Oh and I hope Pete Yorn treats the guys as good as AHF did!

Hey everyone in NY! You got your all ages show! Ah, so lucky! The black and white picture above is the pic Shayna sent me. If you read the show review for 10/20, you can recall me talking about Darren playing his guitar like 2 inches from my face. Well... here's a pic of it! I really like it and now I'll be able to remember that moment forever! Thanks Shayna!

I talked to Alex last night and he said NY was cold but he was looking forward to the show at the Mercury Lounge. Hope it was a great show!
Wow it's late. I goota sleep soon. Well, I fixed the show reviews, so now all the dates are right and they make sense!
Let's celebrate! Over 400 people have visited this site!

Thanks Shayna for the picture! That's me! I will put it up on this site and give you credit sometime soon. Hope everyone's day was great! Bye for now.

I updated and added more to Shoe reviews, but I am not done and I accidently combined to shows. How I did that I have no clue. I'll fix that very soon.

Yeah! I finally got rid of the poll. Just to let you know... The Troubadour won with somthing like 4 votes, and The El Rey was tied for second with another place that I can't remember with 1 vote each. I heard the show in Portland was short but good and Alex went singing in the audience. I finally entered the PP contest. Took me long enough, but I finally thought of some really good lyrics. Any one out there from NY? Well, I envy anyone who is because that's where PP is headed off to if not now, then very soon. Oh and they get to drive in style now! Lucky them! Ok I gotta go or I'll write forever. Oh. One last thing. I joined the PP Fanlisting too. The link is under links if anyone is interested.

Phantom Planet got a tour bus!
I keep forgettimg to mention it, but the new PP cd will be called The Guest. It isn't called was here anymore.
I just got home from the Weezer concert. It was really good but PP will always be the best and I love the intimacy of the venues PP plays in. Being close to the guys just makes the whole concert that much better and enjoyable.
Also, look for PP in an upcoming issue of Details magazine.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I can't beleive it. The PP Was Here cd was on ebay for $192.50!

Sorry, if you came earlier and the page wasn't updated. I forgot to publish it. Not much to report on today. Kinda quiet. And Was Here is really on sale at ebay, but last I looked the bid was $26. Not in my budget right now. 11/19
Hope San Diego was great and San Francisco is even better! Everyone that goes to this site - THANK YOU so much!
Thanks to those of you who have signed my Guest Book as well. Anyone is welcome to sign it any time they want to. I sure would love it! I'm goimg to go see Weezer on Friday! Yeah!

Hey everyone in NYC! Do you want to see PP @ an all ages club? If so email Suzanne a cool venue you'd like to see them at! Yeah! The members only show will be during x-mas break! Now I just hope that Kelli doesn't go somewhere then. But I'll definitely go no matter what!

Go to the PP San Francisco Show link above for a cool pic of Sam & Darren and a wonderful article on the guys!

PP will be on 2 movie soundtracks! The 1st song is the "Somebody's Baby" cover which will be on the soundtrack for Not Another Teen Movie. This will be available on December 4th. I think they filmed that movie at my high school. (I go to the school that was Buffy's high school in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.)The second song is "California" which will be on the soundtrack for Orange County in early 2002.

I finished more of the show reviews. I tried to keep them short but... so much goes on at every show! I can't believe Sam kept my pics! That's SO cool!

Hey the concert last night was great! I'll write about it tonight!

3.5 hours till the LA show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Back! I can't wait until the show tonight! It just turned midnight. I finally got my copy of Band In The USA yesterday! I'll have full updates of the show on Thursday!

Well, this is it until Monday night because I won't be home tomorrow. I wish PP would have updated the Tour Diaries before I leave. Hopefully they are having fun! Help!!! I can't delete the poll!! I even deleted it at Sparklit! If anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of the poll PLEASE email me! Thank you SO much if you do. I'll write more tonught when I get home.

So how do you like the poll below? That isn't where I wanted it but my computer won't change it right now and it's getting late. Too late to mess around with where a poll is placed that is. I'll probably still be up for quite some time. The new site isn't growing on me like I thought it would. But I just got the greatest news today... I get to see PP in late December!!!! Yeah!!! I need my copy of Band In The USA SO bad! Hopefully it'll come soon. Bye Bye for now and vote for your fave place to seePP in SoCal... if youv'e seen them here that is!

11/8 Again!
I'm SO happy they started the Tour Diaries again! And thanks Suzanne for making the fan diaries section. Now I'll have twice as much to read! Can't wait for my phan zine thing to come!

Have you seen the PP website yet? No not PPF, but the actual PP site? It's lime green with a girl on it. I'll leave the rest for you to find out. The link is above. Bye Bye for now. I'll be back later on tonight.

One week 'till the next LA show! I wonder how Baton Rouge was? Oh, and are the guys going to keep adding to the Tour Diaries because I love those! I remember one (I think Sam or Darren) said he thought they would). But I don't know for sure.

Thanks again to everyone who signs my guest book! WOW! Me and Kelli get to see PP again in 8 days! I can't wait! Life is wonderful @ PP concerts! I hope San Antonio was great tonight and Baton Rouge is even better tomorrow!

Hi ya there! Wow! I can't believe it! I posted my site on the PP Message Board last night and more people visited it today than the entire time it's been up and going! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to come here!
I added new Darren and Jason pics to their pages too! And for all of you who are in love with Sam, there is a new pic of him on his page as well!
One last thing. What in the world is Alex doing in this pic below? If I hear anything good I'll put it up here!

As you can see I have done a lot to the site today.There are new pics all over the site, I added a small paragragh and 2 new pics to me, Kelli, and Phantom Planet, I added new lyrics, and new tour dates. The tour dates are hard to read but I'll fix that soon. Oh and I finally have good pics of Darren and Jason but my scanner isn't working right now, so I'll put those up soon too! I can't wait for the 14th when PP comes back to LA!

PHANTOM PLANET WAS HERE comes out 2/26/02!

The concert was SO great. Like my new pics? Kelli and I took 7 rolls of film! YES 7!! Check my pics out on the Phantom Planet Tour Diaries under 10/20 on their site!
Ok so it's almost Monday. 3 minutes till tomorrow to be exact. I went to the concert last night and it was amazing! I'll write more tomorrow and I'll put up some pics soon too. Bye for now.

Oh My God! 15 hours till PP goes on stage!

Thank you Alex! Can't wait to see everyone on Saturday!

Thank you Jacques and Sam!

Wow! 1 week until PP is back in LA! Happy Late Birthday to Alex! Hope it was a great one! Kelli and I listened to the Sessions show on WDST on Thursday night. It was great to hear PP again! Tonight they are in Fargo! Wasn't there a movie named after Fargo? I'll have a lot more to write next weekend after the concert! Bye Bye for now!

Kelli and I bought our tickets for the Troubadour show on 10/20 yesterday! Yeah! Less than a month until they are back in LA!

I finally put the new pic of Sam and me in Me, Kelli and Phantom Planet. It is under the other pic of Sam and me. Isn't it funny that both pics came out bad? The camera just does not like me and Sam next to each other!

Hi ya there to anyone reading this! When did the tour change from The Funeral Tour 2001 to The Detour 2001? I love the cover for the EP. I can't wait to get my hands on one!

Yeah! Phantom Planet has now officially started their Funeral Tour! In exactly 1 month the guys will be back here in So. Cal. I can't wait. I love the cover for the EP too! Ahhh. So beautiful! Kelli just got her pics from Universal City Walk developed. I took another pic with Sam because the last one was SO bad and I can't believe what happened! This time Sam's eyes are all weird looking. Sam and I just don't have good luck when it comes to taking pics together! Oh well. Three times a charm! I'll put the pic up this weekend. Bye for now!

As you probably already know, Phantom Planet did not play the CMJ Music Festival because it was cancellled due to the current conditions in New York. The festival is tentatively rescheduled for 10/10 - 10/13. PP has also added a another "warmup" show before they officially start their tour on 9/18. They have added a few dates during their tour which you can check out in Tour (the link below) too.
There is a Tour Diary on Phantom Planet Family for any one that may have been concerned about PP and Tuesday morning. Just go to the Tour Diary link below and it will take you to the PPF page. The guys share their thoughts on the last show and on the events that took place on Tuesday at this page. I hope PP is having a nice time in New York even with everythng that is going on. Only 1 month and four days until PP comes back to Southern California to play! I can't wait!

Phantom Planet will be started their US tour Funeral 2001 on 9/7. Checkout the Tour section for all the dates.
If you are a member, you can buy their new EP at the shows for a $1! This EP was recorded at the Troubadour on 7/26. I know that Kelli and I are definently buying some of those CD's because we were there! I LOVE the Troubadour!
I went to PP's Universal City Walk performance on August 30 and I once again loved it. I took almost two rolls of pictures there and I have pictures from four of the five other concerts I have been to. I hope to get all of those pictures up sometime. So until then or when there is more news about the guys... Bye Bye for now!

All pictures on this page are property of Ashley Beasley.
If you would like to use any of them please email me for permission, sign my guestbook, and keep them clean.
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