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Phantom Planet...5 of the nicest guys you will ever meet that play great music! My friend and I have talked to all of the guys numerous times and every single time they are all very nice to us. You can see that they really do appreciate their fans!

The five guys of Phantom Planet have done many projects outside of the band, but don't start thinking that the band is just their little side project. For Alex, Darren, Jacques, Sam, and Jeff, Phantom Planet is everything.

My account has been diabled for the time being because my free membership ran out. But I will get a new membership soon and my new account will include videos from the show at The Roxy on 2/7/03 and The El Rey on 2/8/03.

I'll let everyone know when my new account is up and running.

Here is the link, username, and password to the videos.

Hope you enjoy!

To see some of my PP videos (don't worry they aren't supposed to have sound) here is all the info you need:

The username is: stargazer0501

The password is: phantomplanet

Once you enter, go to the inbox to view the videos and enjoy!

I have some longer videos, but I do not have anywhere to upload them so everyone can see them. If anyone knows of a site that allows you to upload videos larger than 10megs, I'd put up the rest of my videos too!

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