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7.31.03 - Darren Updates


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Saturday, July 19, 2003
Hi, everyone! It's Darren. This is my new posting name. Funny right? I know, it's really getting old with the "suck it" business. Anyway, here are some things you all should know.

Yes, we're on now. If you haven't joined that site, you're nuts. Join now! And for those who are already members, request us as your friend(ster). Our account name is none other than "Phantom Planet" and the email address we are using, should you need to provide it, is

Tell all your friends. Let's get this going! We want to be overloaded on Friendsters. We plan to update our profile every so often, and keep in touch through Friendster as often as possible. We all check in on the account, though I think I am online the most out of anyone in the band. Shows you just how incredibly cool I really am.

By the way, we are still alive, and working our asses off. The new album, as most of you know, is called, "Phantom Planet Forever". It turned out so good I personally cannot stop listening to it, even after playing the songs so many freakin' times. The album is now scheduled to be released around January 6th. I know, it keeps changing. Please bare with us, and trust me- you will not be let down. I am really that confident about the new album.

On an entirely different note, I am moving into my very own apartment on September 1st, and my rent is going up a lot per month. You know what that means? GUITAR LESSONS! Not too long ago, I gave a few fans and friends some guitar lessons, and it was fun. My schedule is really unstable though, so it's been hard for me to keep it going. I plan to change that once I am settled in my new place. I am new at teaching guitar too, but I do my best to make it fun and informative! Basically, whenever we're not touring, I am going to try to have fun and teach some guitar. If you are interested in future guitar lessons with me, let me know.
That's all from me for now...


Monday, July 21, 2003
TO: Everyone who has been negative about our album title, and everyone who wants to be teased by me:

Ok, mostly one user who's user name rhymes with "Damnit." Why is it that out of all the posts I have ever read on this thing, this user's posts are usually very bitter? Such negativity causes stress, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, you name it. How about we take a deep breath, relax, and smile for a change, eh?

Now, about our album title. Yes, it sounds cheesy. Oh, we know this. Perhaps some of you are onto something. Perhaps. And perhaps there is more to this title than, oh nevermind. I won't tease anymore. But I will leave you hanging here, because I can. (You can tell me to suck it. I deserve it.)

Hey... I thought I asked you to smile? Go on. You can do it. Phantom Planet is still going extremely strong, and that the title of our record "Forever" is absolutely no indication of a band break up. (Not even close!) As a matter of fact, we've already been discussing making a fouth album sooner than later.

If you guys are truly into our music and really know what we're about, keep up the positive energy and spread the word on us. We're not going anywhere, unless it's on tour or back into the studio to record more. We absolutely love playing and creating music, and in my honest opinion, as biased as it may be, I think we've grown a tremendous amount since "The Guest." But, ultimately, that will be up to you guys when you hear our third album. Sorry for the long wait on the release, but please understand that the music industry isn't in the best shape right now. Regardless, Epic Records has been extremely supportive of our new album, and everyone who works there is very excited about it! Things are going well... We are pumped... Just wait until the touring begins...

I will leave you with this:

A high school teacher once said something that really stuck with me. (Crazy huh?) Well, he said, "Without change, there is no growth." Hmm...

I love you.

Monday July 21, 2003
We have been discussing the touring thing a lot lately, and we are all excited to get back out on the road. I have been told that we will begin touring THIS YEAR, before our album comes out. We have been rehearsing the new material a ton lately, and fine tuning it all. Unfortunately I do not have any schedule to show you guys at the moment, but we are all itching to get back out there and we're working on making it happen.

Some common questions I am asked are, "When will you play *insert hometown here*"? As many of you know, when we tour, we tend to go all over the county. I will keep you guys posted on any touring updates. Please be patient. (I know, your patience is wearing thin. So is mine! But good things come to those who wait, right? Hopefully you consider PP a good thing. Humor me.)

The guitar lesson thing I brought up in a previous post has also been clogging my email lately. I appreciate everyone who has shown interest thus far. Allow me to fill those in who want more details on the lessons: I will start giving lessons after I move into my new place. That will be around September 1st. I will give the lessons at my place, and I charge $40.00 an hour. I live in Hollywood, just around the Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd. (This is the standard fee at music shops, etc.) When I first began giving lessons, I charged a bit less, but with my new place my monthly expenses will increase a lot.
I feel that I can help students learn some music theory (scales, chords, that sort of thing) and also help teach how to play songs they love, whether it be Phantom Planet material, or any other band they are into. If you are already a pretty advanced and confident guitarist, I highly recommend James Valentine from Maroon 5 as a teacher, if he still offers lessons when they're not touring. He is such a tasteful guitarist it kills me. As a matter of fact, I took a lesson from him myself once, before he was in M5.

Thanks everyone,

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
I didn't mean to cause yet more negativity. That wasn't an attack on Sam, by the way. Everyone is free to state their opinions, blunt or not so blunt. I can always just skip her posts if it bothers me that much. But at the same time, I respect the fact that Sam doesn't like the new album name. Perhaps she will appreciate the album title though when she see's the artwork that accompanies it. Believe me, we didn't name the album "Forever" and have us all dressed up suave like the fucking Backstreet Boys, standing infront of gazillion-dollar private jets. Have some faith in the PP. We maintain our shit. We know what's up. I agree with the "Don't judge a book by it's cover" analogy, but I feel it's appropriate to tell youj to judge this book (CD) by the cover when you see it. Don't judge simply by the name alone.


PS. I am truly sorry if I offended you, Sam. It wasn't meant as any kind of attack. That's definitely wasn't my intention.